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limits our anger is the emotion in response to events that could be interpreted as attacks across. We are of course in our country and our families, our possessions, values, if we further believe that we should to qualify to defend themselves and react with anger. anger, responding to attack us when you can not lose anything under the / P is>

prompt what is the best defense is attack even if the anger does not seem to feel worthy of their own. in preparation for the body to fight biological changes associated with the emotion of the body, enzymes anxiety, increased blood pressure will be released and the heart beat faster, you begin to swing even if you feel the heat. biological changes can occur very strong anger can quickly where it can be turned into a violent rage without thinking too soon. In some situations, mentally. under / P is>

Anger causes serious health problems most often secondary to emotional harm caused by these divisions caused by the permanent biological changes, such as enzymes and high blood pressure and stress of prolonged frustration and anger, fear, anxiety, low reliability, and pain. If the security assured that you will need to respond with anger and critical opinions are not. We are proud to be the words of another person and when strong influence you have a sense of their actions are not, and covers critical to get good advice on improving the feedback. It is time to keep the bad is the pain we learn to grow. less / p of>

so, and to help you with confidence when you open, thankful for the critic, we are more pain is the fear of being hurt, we will respond with anger when you feel it happen again. It hurts us upset because they are stronger than sad, too, to keep his anger Angry old, not easy to cancel any situation that reminds us of old wounds. These links often be detected at a subconscious level of logic is not difficult. When we refused to fulfill the desire, we are also less angry / p of>

he said. Some people carry anger and resentment from younger years. Life is a challenge many people. My sister is upset that a small child when more attention from their parents. babies are hungry and cry of rage. goods that have accumulated more We have received significant awards such safe and makes you feel stronger. So, lust, anxiety basic needs for the reception is unreliable. usually located in the most anyone to take roots in the past and unjustified anger. if we were freed from this kind wishes to understand the need, the need is what makes particular, the need is to have more and are better than others, In addition, we are free from this kind of anger, we are free to use, the more I realized or potential.

or less / P is> the wrath of the primary we really If you’re in danger, and their findings are real risks of action or if there are other underlying value of our tools to survive, or may only attack is as follows: it was. so they can stand up for yourself, you can overcome the paralyzing fear of this kind of anger to protect our basic existence. under / P is>

Anger Management is approved on the acceptable manner, and expressed your anger. rage out of control, a difficult relationship creates a problem for us, it can damage surrounding Our masu, is violent and bad words easily, and even lead to imprisonment. refused to anger, control, build the pressure that will lead to the explosion is not controlled stand anymore If you can not. In addition, other emotions affect health and lead, I like the feeling of guilt for himself is to blame for his anger. Recommended to express your anger in a way respected. The less / p> understood your anger on the anger management, knowing the trigger, before finding a way to resolve this situation occurs when anger can do to prevent in the first place. We are a threat in real life, not the blind from our place, we can assess the situation, you should educate yourself to stay fair rage You know I am exaggerating. Indicates when you are angry you are completely relaxed and difficult to learn relaxation techniques. We deal with emotions, and many others can learn how. It is to find the best solution for managing your anger, so you can access the internal resources under / P is>

hypnotherapy, because that way it kind of habit change automatically. natural language processing technology for several runs hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we are also to be calm, but the normal situation creates anger You can eliminate the trigger. under a / P is>

hypnotherapy from you, because you can understand the anger caused more initial event have to be angry, and the current situation. These events are usually buried in the subconscious, to be forgotten. We can them access to deep hypnosis, we are not afraid of the eyes of a child with eyes of adults, so you can see now why we can change our beliefs and perceptions of the past. This is the anger melted, as old as the trigger to neutral.

this context / P is> and we not only manage anger, the more we can create a true miracle of hypnosis can be done. In hypnotherapy, anger, depression , anxiety and fear, anxiety, low self-confidence, help you solve the real reason for the pain and suffering hurt. All these basic emotions, to identify and are hidden deep within the subconscious is often difficult. In hypnotherapy, we then access the subconscious to deal with anger leave the cause of basic emotions resolved. Therefore, we are relaxed, strong and confident than happy, because you no longer need to be angry.
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Joanna Malinowska is a professional hypnotherapist, consultant, educator and family self-hypnosis to facilitate and Constellation About the Author:. For more information on the website to learn hypnosis hard feelings is to create a loose, superfluous http:/ / www Act will help to resolve how to see it to learn self-hypnosis techniques to manage active please. Self /> less / P]] questions> related to professional self-improvement questions and answers here we have 200 characters question Hypnotherapy … What really works for weight loss? are the best foods for weight loss do; im 13 and £ 138 and I 5.5, I lost 25 pounds in about 26 days to give me what I want to know what I pleez easyest and quickest way is that Mombo Jumbo gym for healthy eating? Rate this article under the downloaded / b> 1 2 3 4 5 (seconds) 0 vote (s) the feedback Print RSS Feeds E-mail reissue Source : less / B> http://www. html Article Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis weight loss hypnosis weight loss, natural foods, healthy eating, food attachment to self-improvement articles and other recent Joanna Malinowska Video Related Articles physically healthy diet and how to deal with anger by Dr. Marty Tashman

when anger becomes a problem also explains how to manage anger. (11:06 min) with the / p of> Administration on how to how to deal with your anger out of control with anger

psychology doctoral Marty Tashman said. (minutes 11:08 a.m.) in / p in> how therapy can help manage anger this video TV360 Charles

the therapy administered by Charles, that shows you how to calm the anger of the improvements. (15:03 min) under the / p of> how to manage anger

Tadeusuberu Doctor family practice physicians, how anger affects our body and offers Tips for talking about how to manage these feelings. (minutes 13:04 AM) in / p of> how to deal with anger, talk about p See hosting, Vanessa Rae this episode of the tree and wisdom and young adults, he said, came when the rage, and how to deal with anger like? (32 minutes at 7 am) under the / p-> to worry about healthy eating natural fats and reconnect your body and how food obsessed with counting calories

can replace the pleasure of this natural diet. A natural healthy Dietary what you need, but exactly how to hear his voice just needs to follow nature, if you help your body provide it. Hypnotherapy, by restoring the physical connection of body and mind at a subconscious level, is the ideal tool to achieve a natural healthy diet in the / p of> From:. Joanna Σεπτεμβρίου Malinowskal Healthl 24, 2010 Hypnotherapy for your weight loss or how to help Burekuyoyodaietto

Yo yo-yo dieting cycle is repeatedly lost their vicious trap that is common dozen times recovered weight, overweight people more. hypnotherapy, and lose weight permanently and naturally the ideal solution to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Hypnotherapy hypnosis, treatment and other counseling, overweight to change their habits, to address the psychological reasons combine to make change in body in his / her p> The Authors. Joanna Malinowskal Healthl addictive behavior or direct action on January 17, 2011 suffering from compulsive overeating overeating emotional plea to fix

people also use food for emotional eating, drinking and food “addiction” that has characterized it as required, to tackle to fill the void felt by them and the stress of everyday life as a way to hide from their feelings, than in. Life Issues / p’s> Posted: Abbey Ryanl Yasushi Ken> Wellnessl Fat 23, 2010 Why Αύγ back! not only lose weight and are frustrated

interest? In this article, myths solved, because it is really going to explain why. Why are some experts who are involved so far. a unique solution in the form of hypnosis to change behavior through conflict. The article fails to show otherwise, as a way for people to continue successfully shows how hypnosis can trust. By learning this revolution ending the cycle of failure.> less / p From the Post:? Andrew McColel Healthl busy Saturday, July 11, 2009 Looking for additional time is “never” list is the time we all know the importance of

list! To do this, “when what they should do, make sure you write a list should be done. You are on a list like this you have not? It is necessary for maximum effectiveness and focus> less / ps From:. Philip Shermanl common myths about self-technologies Improvementl 6, 2011

Απρίλη του subconscious subliminal technology is already changing your life What is strange or not subliminal messages has changed the lives of millions of people But the world still wary of the technology -. subliminal safety or efficacy suspect many people. This is the law taken into consideration for the same answer that hypnosis some people the sense that all relevant on the / p of> From:. Nelson Berryl himself Improvementl key April 6, 2011 This article is to organize your paper,

serves as a brief guide for organizing your office for this. It is important to organize documents for simple-to keep the office neat The simple process less / p’s> author:. Grahaml to challenge your self-belief Improvementl 6 Απριλίου 2011 – We are your responsibility, I think our hearts with p . our subconscious, we always think about your program. Bottom line, we believe you will turn to choose what we think we are. as / p’s> From here it is: You, Niall Fullerl Improvementl how hard is it-6 April 2011, Part 3 of dealing with people –

passive aggressive passive attack, the other evidence is a tough Koumei is a psychological mechanism for handling hostility or anger or an authorized manner in his of p> From:. Nathaniel GERIL Improvementl your own brain booster Uinuenga 6 του Απριλίου 2011 in mind, and has become very

. It’s your ability, thought, passion for the benefit of a particular way to influence the level of success you achieve in life can be If you are struggling for one or more of these areas, you can check out Uinuenga booster brain in his / her p> author: .. Ben Self Sandersonl Improvementl John Sun, April 6 2011 Kabat common to many people of mindfulness meditation in a

jeans, is not instantaneous, and in fact said that he has lived there in the future, The more I hear that is likely to grow. “! know what you want to plan for the future “Well, it might be a good idea of ​​what you want, you have my heart and not people know if you plan to find the original discussion without having to actually talk with them, can have a little problem less / p of > author.: Ben Improvementl ebook itself Sandersonl Basutoriazu 6 Απριλίου του 2011

– Bust liar, bust being a liar, a detailed explanation of the truth / p of> lie to you let the authors can provide all the information to Know what: Daupid Arpmorel himself Improvementl 6 Απρίλη του 2011, hypnosis works for weight loss or real

hypnosis hypnotherapy? This is a very common name for all the treatments performed. hypnotherapist has a huge potential for continued support weight loss. successful hypnotherapy hypnosis weight loss based on the skills of therapy, the treatment is done. The article, a brief relaxation and hypnotic suggestion and hypnosis to solve advanced psychological reasons for obesity, suggests a different approach. less / p’s> author: Joanna Malinowskal Healthl why hypnotherapy March 18, 2011, smoking is a way to end the wise

hypnotherapy is more effective in a non-smoker is absolutely secure solution without drugs. hypnosis not only remove all aspects of the physical addiction to nicotine and the natural desire to provide the most effective way is to change your habits, you can enjoy a different life, it is necessary to completely remove the smoke can be a powerful psychological changes in the / P’s> From.:

Free Hypnotherapy Scripts

Using Google analytics People Building have been able to observe the information that people have typed into their search engine to find out about the NLP and Hypnotherapy trainings and resources we provide.

Currently, the page on our website which is viewed the most, is the page which contains our hypnosis scripts. Some of the Hypnosis scripts are free, and others that are more complex are reasonably expensive, and of course, you get what you pay for.

We are a company that provides Hypnotherapy training, and use hypnosis on the whole for therapeutic purposes only, so it is interesting to discover that the word “hypnosis” feature as a more popular keyword than the word “hypnotherapy.”

However, our hypnosis induction scripts could be used for both a hypnotist performing a stage show and a hypnotherapist who is using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

Personally, I prefer to use hypnosis scripts in the work I do. There is still, sadly, much confusion about hypnosis and its levels of safety. I have found it gives reassurance to my clients if they know that I have already thought about what I am going to say to them whilst in trance and that I then make a note of the script that I used on their personal file- so that if necessary, I can refer back to the work I have done with them.

It is easy to understand how myths and misconceptions have evolved from the use of hypnosis, it is to this day, a phenomena that we still do not fully understand. Just the other day an old friend called me from the days when I was working full time with children. When I told her about the job I am doing now she told me about a time when her son, then aged about 7 years old, accidentally temporarily paralyzed his cousins legs by inducing a hypnotic trance. He had been watching the famous television hypnotist, Paul McKenna and was inspired to try out the hypnotic skills. Understandably, the whole experience was a little surprising for the children and their mother, and gave them the impression that hypnosis is a force not to be tampered with. Of course, amongst sensible adults this is not the case. Hypnosis can be a very useful and safe way to make changes and listening to a hypnosis download can be a gentle introduction.

That is why we have made each of our available hypnosis scripts, into a downloadable MP3 hypnosis audio, which can be posted to you in CD format, or downloaded to your pc as an MP3. There is a vast range of hypnotherapy resources including, eliminating fear of flying hypnosis scripts, quit stop smoking scripts, nail biting scripts and confidence scripts.

In addition to the scripts we have, you can also request scripts that we do not yet have or you may like to learn how to write hypnosis scripts by downloading our e-book “How to create excellent hypnosis scripts.”

People Building are an NLP and Hypnotherapy training specializing in Hypnosis resources and training.

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Stage Hypnosis versus Hypnotherapy – Methods Revealed

I have done a fair amount of demonstration hypnosis to audiences, including hallucination hypnosis and altering the memory of a subject.

Here are brief explanations of the two types of the application of hypnosis I am writing about:

Stage Hypnosis:

Is a demonstration of the willingness of certain individuals to use hypnosis as an excuse to be the centre of attraction to a non-critical audience. It is also a vehicle for a proclaimed hypnotist to stroke his own ego and to give the false impression that he is all powerful and in total control of those individuals I have just described.


On the other hand, a Hypnotherapist is an individual who for whatever reason, usually because of a need within his personality, to help other individuals in need of psychological help. A Hypnotherapist should be well versed in both the ethical use of hypnosis and a working knowledge of psychology, both of which are used to help his client towards a better life.

The Mechanics

How does a stage hypnotist appear to control his subjects? To answer that we have to become aware of what is actually happening some hours before and during his performance.

Here are the procedures that are typically applied before a hypnotist carries out his act:

1. Before the hypnotist appears on stage, he would have received a great deal of positive and complimentary publicity. There should also be an entrance charge to his act, the higher the better. Reasons being that the publicity builds up an expectation of a powerful figure and when a fee is paid, it is an unconscious way of saying, ‘I believe the publicity’. In fact, those people who know themselves to be hypnotisable, are unconsciously expecting to be, and invariably will, be hypnotised.

2. On the actual night, the audience will be kept waiting to build up the expectancy even more. Usually the proprietors of the establishment will continually mention that the hypnotist will appear later in the evening. This is, in a way, similar to the build up to a T.V. show when the floor manager and some well known personality prepares the audience for the show starts.

Also, it is common practice to use alcohol to free the inhibitions, by being available for at least a couple of hours before the show.

3. The appearance of the hypnotist will be to the sound of great applause – again building up the expectation and causing excitement. The personal attire of the hypnotist is usually black to give that mystical appearance and to create the impression of power. This is not absolutely necessary if the performer is well known.

4. The hypnotist will then talk to the audience and further convince them that he is the powerful figure they were expecting who has the magical hypnotic powers expected of him. Usually the talk includes personal testimonials to his abilities.

5. Now to the performance.

The hypnotist will always carry out a number of hypnosis suggestibility tests to establish who is highly suggestible within the audience. For example, clasping the hands in front of the body and then being told they are stuck together.

The tests are intended to produce a small number of people who respond readily to suggestions and who are either able to convince themselves they can be hypnotised or, are willing to do foolish things with the excuse of having no control over their actions due to being hypnotised.

6. The suggestibility tests are varied and numerous, but always separate the highly suggestible members of an audience from those who do not want to go up on stage or are not very responsive to hypnosis.

Here are more details about the Hand Clasp Suggestibility Test.

a. The audience is asked to stand up (those that do are responding to an order which is a subtle suggestion) and then to hold their arms out in front of them.

They are then instructed to clasp the hands together, intertwining their fingers (the hypnotist will demonstrate to ensure the instructions are followed exactly as that is very important).

b. The audience is then told that when the hypnotist counts up to a certain number, the hands will become stuck together (this is repeated at least three times in accordance with the Laws of suggestion and on the final number the hypnotist will ask the audience to try to unclasp their hands (try – is a word that suggests that you cannot).

The audience is told that the harder they try (this is another suggestion) the more difficult it will become and they will find they cannot unclasp the hands, no matter how hard they try.

7. As it is known that approximately 25% of any audience is highly suggestible and as a result in any audience there will be a number of people who will not be able to unclasp their hands. Sometimes a lot and sometimes very few.

8. Those people who cannot unclasp their hands are asked to remain standing (this is to ensure the hypnotist does not lose track of them and enables him to observe the exhibitionists amongst them.

Another suggestion is given to allow them to unclasp their hands, usually by simply telling them to relax their hands and on a given word or a snap of the fingers they will be able to unclasp their hands. The reason their hands are clasped together is because they are tensing them and the simple act of relaxing enables them to unclasp, but the audience believes it is the power of the hypnotist at work. (try it and press hard ont he back of the hands with your fingers).

9. Sometimes, the hypnotist will then carry out another suggestibility test to lower the numbers of possible subjects. This is done mainly with large audiences.

10. The hypnotist will then invite those people standing to go on to the stage and sit on chairs already placed in a line behind the hypnotist. The chairs will have already acted as a powerful suggestion as the audience will have seen them and expected members of the audience to sit in them and be hypnotised.

11. Those of the audience who accept the invitation are in effect giving the hypnotist permission to do whatever he wants with them as they know what is to be expected.

The stage hypnotist will also use more methods to get a member of an audience on stage ready to appear to do as bid.

A Hypnotherapist, uses none of the above methods, although sometimes the hand clasp is used to convince a client that the hypnosis being used is genuine.

Hypnotherapists are there to help and not to make a client feel foolish. An important requirement for any Hypnotherapist is a caring, kind and understanding nature. The need to help others is a bonus.

Also important is the training a Hypnotherapist receives. Any course taken MUST include the psychology aspect of treating clients. The reason simply being that a Hypnotherapist treats psychological problems and he or she must understand human behaviour. It is not necessary to hold a degree in psychology, but knowledge of most forms of psychology is important.

At no time would an ethical Hypnotherapist produce a situation where the client becomes reliant on the therapy of therapist. The goal of a Hypnotherapist is to guide the client towards self-reliance when he or she is in full control of the life he or she wants to lead.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat almost, but not all, psychological ailments.

Robert Shields teaches Hypnotherapy and his own unique Fear Elimination
Therapy (remove phobias in minutes). Teaching Hypnotherapists since 1986 his
30-lesson diploma course costs $197.97 or UKP98.00. Includes a money-back guarantee. Full details at:

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From Aaaaah To Ahaa! – Treating Phobias Through Hypnotherapy For Phobias

Are you one of those who mortally fears flying in airplane or getting into an elevator; are you one of those people who would rather live on take out food for days if you found a rat in your cupboard while cleaning? Then it seems to me you have a phobia. But before you start hassling yourself with it, let me make it clear that a phobia is very different from fear. Fear is a rational feeling, which is driven by the instinct of survival; let’s say fear of falling or fear of touching sharp things. You are afraid of them because you know you might hurt yourself with them. However a phobia is an irrational feeling, it is a grave fear attached to an object or situation, which in reality might not harm us after all! Something like a fear of water, dentists, blood, driving etc. they might not harm us but we are mortally scared of them in any case. Can you identify yourself with any of the phobia situations? Then its time you looked at hypnotherapy for phobias to help your situation.

Imagine this, you have been offered a lucrative position of a hotshot executive at a premier company; the profile looks irresistible, the pay is exceptional and it has the makings of the perfect job you imagined. There is only one hitch…the profile requires you to jet set around the world at frequent intervals, and you are petrified of flying. What would you do; would you give up a dream job because of your phobia? In most cases, a phobia is a negative emotion; your mind tells you that what you are scared of might not be rational and plausible, but your subconscious will just not allow you to override the fear. In such cases, you end up losing on a lot of opportunities which you might regret later; worse still your phobia might adversely affect your career, family and love life. This is where hypnotherapy for phobias comes in. A hypnotherapist will ideally work with you to discover the issues which led to the formation of such a phobia. Most of these phobias are born in our childhood, and our subconscious mind detaches the fear from the situation. What it carries on in the adulthood is the irrational fear, with no recollection whatsoever of the situation which instilled this fear in us. Hypnotherapy for phobias will let you reconnect with the past and identify the root cause of your phobia.

Now that we have established the cause of the phobia, there are different ways on which it can be approached. For example, there is a method we hypnotherapists call Cognitive hypnotherapy, which helps your mind realign the reactions to the fearful situations. In other words, these techniques help you to form a behavior pattern when faced with the situation or object you fear. Let’s say if you are water phobic or are scared of driving, this method of hypnotherapy for phobias will teach you to have a calm reaction when faced with a situation, and teach you to relax with the help of visualizations.

In some other cases, hypnotherapy for phobias works on the theory of making the subconscious mind realize that the phobia is irrational. This is done with the help of auto suggestions and positive enforcements. The subconscious is made aware that though the fear might have served a specific purpose in your childhood, it holds no relevance in your life as an adult; by being fed these suggestions on a regular basis, your subconscious will learn to distance itself from the fear and eventually discard it for good.

There is a common factor between phobias and hypnotherapy; they are both related to the subconscious. However, while one is irrational and undesirable, the other is all about self discovery and self innovation.

Hypnotherapist Richard MacKenzie has a page dedicated to using Hypnotherapy for Phobias he also has a Hypnosis Download for treating phobias.

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A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook – Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for Healing

These articles were originally first published

as a column in L.A. Health Magazine,

under the title, A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook.

A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook. No 1.

Hypnotherapy for Healing.

A little over ten years ago I was between jobs. I had been working in Psychiatric Hospitals and other Institutions, as an Admissions Counselor, Chemical Dependency Counselor, Case manager and Discharge Planner. I was attending some college courses, hoping eventually to obtain a Psychology degree, when a friend of mine suggested, “Why don’t you study hypnotism, you could help people stop smoking and make some money.” It seemed like a good idea, so I ended up attending classes at the world renowned Gil Boyne Hypnotism Training Institute, in Glendale.

As soon as I saw on the first video what Mr. Boyne was able to achieve with hypnosis I exclaimed to him, “You are getting people to give you information in a few minutes that would take six months to a year in therapy, because consciously they don’t know these things!” I knew I had encountered something I had always wanted, a means to make my work as a counselor more effective and economical in terms of both time and money. As yet I was not aware of the possible depth, speed and range of change available through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I have since discovered that hypnotherapy can be divided into two aspects. 1). “Putting in the good stuff,” or suggestion therapy. To most people this is the most familiar, planting suggestions in a clients mind of a beneficial nature, such as, “You will act on the powerful desire you discover today to stop smoking for good.” etc., while a person is in a hypnotic trance. The other aspect could be described as, 2). “Taking out the bad stuff,” by altering and/or releasing historical causations of difficulties. This trance-pires by entering the subconscious mind, the other seven eighths of our mind we have little awareness of, and relieving difficulties in hypnotic trance. Of course, both aspects may well be implemented concurrently, (at least by me), with any client.

The effectiveness can be astonishing. One client returned after the first session and stated. “I stopped drinking coffee, watching soap operas, and have emerged from a low grade depression of many years duration.” As a bonus, this man had a thyroid condition called “Bright’s Disease,” which caused his eyes to be permanently popped out, so he looked angry or scared all the time. It was now only barely visible around one eye. In addition, three quarters of the anxiety, regarding supervisory duties at work, which initiated his visit, had vanished. Though hypnotherapy is not always so dramatically effective as this, I inform prospective clients that eighty percent of those I work with usually see major positive changes within four sessions. I have seen the client’s blood pressure go down from regular use of one of my self-hypnosis tapes. Persons have obtained rapid healing with little pain from invasive medical procedures and surgeries. Young persons, (around fourteen to twenty one years,) if willing, can often gain astonishing progress, due to being so open, and mentally fluid.

My process produces all kinds of general positive change, then I also work on the specifics. I help a person gain access to inner resources and increased self-esteem, while removing blocks that are keeping them stuck, so they can resume personal growth without me. Naturally, the amount of time and work necessary to obtain relief from any difficulty is related to it’s prior nature, duration, intensity and severity, and the available inner and outer resources.

What kind of problems is hypnotherapy useful for? Traditionally it has been successful, with habit control, smoking, weight, bedwetting, nail biting, stuttering, and so forth. Also to increase self confidence, motivation, memory, concentration, creativity, productivity and self esteem. For reducing anxiety, releasing fears, phobias, headaches and nightmares. Sexual problems of both sexes may be amenable to hypnotic methods. The rapid release of grief is often very easy to facilitate, and unresolved grief from past losses is a significant contributor to more difficulties than is generally known. I have found that even the death of a beloved animal can leave a person in a state of frozen mourning. I use Hypnosis as an adjunct to treating drug and alcohol problems.. I receive referrals from Psychiatrists, Doctors, Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Alternative/ Complementary Medicine practitioners, to assist clients who may be stuck in some way, or have a problem, such as mental and physical tension, that the referring party does not treat.

Correction of many obstinate physical/mental/emotional situations can be initiated. In fact, the holistic hypnotherapeutic process is as unlimited as the boundless Shaman’s Imagination of the practitioner, and to the extent that he can utilize his Wizard Words to conjure up Magical Image Processes that heal, as becomes a Charm-ing Mage. Hypnosis then works in the I of the mind, as an Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone, trance-muting the unknown into the golden healing known. Now I will close with the words of Tiny Tim, from a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens,

“God bless us all, each and every one.”

Till the next time, Brian.

A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook. No 2.

Releasing Past Grief.

One of the most useful aspects of hypnosis is that in trance, a person’s emotional defenses are softened or lowered. This allows for the release of previously submerged and trapped emotions. A heightened awareness of thoughts and feelings also trance-pires. This combination allows the possibility of resolution of difficulties following the rapid location of their deeper source.

This is especially relevant for the release of blocked or frozen grief. A significant number of my clients suffer from this as a major component of their difficulties. It contributes to poor concentration, irritability, feeling “down”, physical and psychosomatic problems, and accentuates any other problem a person might have. This may be despite a person’s belief that they mourned the loss. Over many years with many clients, when probed in a relaxed trance state, only two had no residual pain regarding a major loss. For most, rapidly obtaining complete relief is a relatively simple matter. After the release, remarks such as, “I never knew that was there.. still bothering me so much,” etc. are made. One female, having dinner with a friend after a session, was told, “The look of pain that was always in your eyes has gone.” This was after the release of grief entangled with guilt, as is often the case, subsequent to an abortion.

Grief is not restricted to the death of a loved one or family member. Miscarriages as well as abortions. The loss of a beloved pet animal can be agonizing, especially for those who have fewer deep connections to other human animals. The end of a long-term relationship is often like a death. As an addictions professional, I am aware that saying goodbye and mourning the loss of the “old friend” that could always be “depended on”, whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, or whatever, is a sometimes a necessary step along the road to abstinence.

To close, I will detail these simple easy cases where the release was a mini-miracle, immediate and complete. The first was a lady who had lost a baby due to a miscarriage a year before she came to see me. After assisting her to enter a relaxed state I began, “You mentioned the loss of your baby… ” At these words, her head went back, and a wordless howl of agony emerged, on, and on, and on.. finished at last.. no words.. that was it, all of it.

While on vacation, a man’s long term pet, his dog, had died. Somebody remarked, “You have to take them on a last walk before they die,” and he had become deeply guilt stricken, feeling he had failed his old pal, and had sunk into a deep depression. In trance, I pointed out to him that he had taken the dog for his last walk, before he departed on vacation. The guilt resolved, with further grieving he came to peace, and laid his canine friend to final rest.

A young woman had had an emotional breakdown, after rejecting her partner for being a womanizer, with no interest in changing. She was hardly eating or sleeping, barely living, going to work like a zombie. Coming out of the first trance, after grief release she said, “I’m hungry!” Returning for the second session she said, “When he calls me on the phone, instead of feeling so desperately awful, I see myself saying goodbye to him as I visualized in trance, and I’m O.K.” Aligning her head and heart while releasing the tears of grief was all it took. Because she had no other problems to complicate matters, only one session was needed to initiate her recovery process. Though not always this simple, healing is always a possibility.

Till the next time, Brian.

A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook No. 3.

Working With Young People.

Hypnotherapy with young persons, from the ages of approximately 13 to 21 years old, can often produce extraordinarily powerful results. One reason is that their minds are so open and flexible, so that the process of change is easily assimilated into their own current growth and development. In addition, their personality and self esteem are still being formed by incorporating the “messages” conveyed by the words and behavior of family, authority figures and peers. Positive suggestions absorbed in trance give them the necessary emotional support and nurturing that they need.

The common antecedent to many problems is parental conflict, especially separation and divorce. Adults usually have little idea how these events devastate a child’s sense of security. A rapid drop in academic levels, or sudden negative behavioral changes, (if not the result of alcohol/drug problems, another common cause), frequently indicates a problem at home. Remarriage often brings on or further aggravates difficulties. Much of the time the child is classed as either mad or bad, when in fact they are caught in emotional traps. Because young people are very in touch with their situations and emotions, especially in trance, it is often quite a simple process to assist them obtain relief. Many require no more than four or five sessions, of two hours plus, for virtual elimination of their troubles. Simultaneous initiation of ongoing emotional improvement processes adds many more benefits. Realizing that a person’s life may be radically improved for fifty or more years is personally very rewarding to me. Also, my own adolescence was so disastrous, agonizing and bereft, that I have a deep compassion and understanding of troubled teenagers, and love to provide them with the assistance I never knew I needed, and of course did not get.

Serious problems such as trichonomania, (compulsively pulling out of hair and eyelashes), obsessive hand washing, night terrors, and so forth, have also yielded to my hypnotic ministrations. I have helped a succession of young males reverse declining grades and other unacceptable behavior at school, by resolving resentment regarding a stepfather, especially if the stepfather is “mistreating” a mother the son is very close to. Unfortunately, when a young person gets poor grades, not knowing this is the result of emotional stress, they may conclude they are stupid and may begin to regard themselves as a failure. In fact, I have retroactively dealt with these issues in adults, still carrying scars to their self-esteem from precisely this sequence.

Till the next time. Brian Green.

Brian Green, CHT, CDS. Certified Hypnotherapist. Past & current member, many major Prfessional Hypnotherapy Organizations. In practice twelve years, (2007). Warm, caring, professional and confidential. Author of, “Mind-mending for Mind-bending, Wizard Ways With Words.” Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, (Mission College). “Power to solve your problems.” All issues. “If it can be done, I’m one of the guys that can do it.” 12 Step counseling. Family and couple’s issues. Sessions in the Greater Los Angeles area. Potent hypnosis audio products, (available by mail). Free twenty minute phone consult. Presentations/Workshops given for hypnosis groups on Hypno-linguistics or addictions.

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Hypnotherapy for Ibs: Does it Actually Work?

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects over 25 million people in the USA. Contrary to popular belief, IBS is actually a very common disorder which is classed by the medical profession as a ‘functional disorder’ – in other words there’s nothing medically or organically wrong with the body. Generally, conventional treatments often do not work very well and IBS sufferers often feel that their symptoms are being ignored, downplayed or misunderstood. Besides that, IBS is a multifactorial illness which means that there are many causes. As a result of that, it is difficult to pinpoint the accurate treatment. Fortunately, IBS is not fatal nor is it linked to the development of other serious bowel diseases. However, IBS can bring about extremely frustrating and disturbing and often embarrassing experience to the sufferers. More and more IBS sufferers are opting for more natural home remedies and self help. One of the treatments which is gaining much popularity is hypnotherapy for IBS. In this article, we look at what hypnotherapy is and its effect on IBS.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis not only to alleviate symptoms but often to uncover the cause of the problem which can be corrected thus ensuring a complete and permanent cure. Hypnotherapy is used as a way to make people more aware of their bodies so that they may have better control over their general functioning. However, this therapy is not suitable for children aged under five or anyone with a severe mental illness. Hypnotherapy is the process whereby you become deeply or lightly relaxed, guided by words, phrases, suggestions and imagination. Hypnotherapy is usually carried out one-to-one with a trained and trusted hypnotherapist in a therapeutic setting, but it may also take place in small groups, for example in pain or antenatal clinics. However, these days, many people prefer to buy ibs hypnosis tapes or CDs to listen in the comfort of their own homes. IBS hypnosis are available as downloads on the internet as well.

So how does IBS hypnotherapy helps sufferers to alleviate IBS symptoms?

Hypnotherapy is beneficial not only for the relaxation it induces, but for the state of suggestibility that characterizes it. Hypnotherapy can reduce this stress and its resultant negative impact by placing you in a deeply relaxed state, promoting positive thoughts and coping strategies, and clearing your mind of negative attitudes. Hypnotherapy induces a state of relaxation while the patient is awake, and allows helpful suggestions such as those aimed at controlling health problems to be directed into the subconscious mind.

Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy is indeed effective in improving both symptoms and quality of life in patients with IBS. What is more important is hypnotherapy offer sufferers a drug-free solution to their symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain and bloating. Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure: rather it is a state of awareness that can be used for self-help. Hypnotherapy is time-consuming and it does take quite a bit of time to actually feel the effect. But to many sufferers, persistense pays off.

In conclusion, IBS hypnotherapy is recommended by authority IBS sites such as It has claimed over 80% success rate for alleviating all IBS symptoms. IBS hypnotherapy has been researched for 30 years and stands alone as the most significant long term symptom relief solution. Hypnotherapy has in fact proven highly effective in alleviating all of the various IBS symptoms. If nothing has work for you, why don’t you give IBS hypnotherapy a try?

Is IBS affecting your life? Tried various remedies and nothing seems to work? Many people has found success with IBS hypnotherapy treatment. There are many IBS hypnosis tapes in the market, the problem is finding the one which works for you. Visit Recommended IBS hypnotherapies. Get a FREE guide on Managing IBS with Success at

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