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Using Google analytics People Building have been able to observe the information that people have typed into their search engine to find out about the NLP and Hypnotherapy trainings and resources we provide.

Currently, the page on our website which is viewed the most, is the page which contains our hypnosis scripts. Some of the Hypnosis scripts are free, and others that are more complex are reasonably expensive, and of course, you get what you pay for.

We are a company that provides Hypnotherapy training, and use hypnosis on the whole for therapeutic purposes only, so it is interesting to discover that the word “hypnosis” feature as a more popular keyword than the word “hypnotherapy.”

However, our hypnosis induction scripts could be used for both a hypnotist performing a stage show and a hypnotherapist who is using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

Personally, I prefer to use hypnosis scripts in the work I do. There is still, sadly, much confusion about hypnosis and its levels of safety. I have found it gives reassurance to my clients if they know that I have already thought about what I am going to say to them whilst in trance and that I then make a note of the script that I used on their personal file- so that if necessary, I can refer back to the work I have done with them.

It is easy to understand how myths and misconceptions have evolved from the use of hypnosis, it is to this day, a phenomena that we still do not fully understand. Just the other day an old friend called me from the days when I was working full time with children. When I told her about the job I am doing now she told me about a time when her son, then aged about 7 years old, accidentally temporarily paralyzed his cousins legs by inducing a hypnotic trance. He had been watching the famous television hypnotist, Paul McKenna and was inspired to try out the hypnotic skills. Understandably, the whole experience was a little surprising for the children and their mother, and gave them the impression that hypnosis is a force not to be tampered with. Of course, amongst sensible adults this is not the case. Hypnosis can be a very useful and safe way to make changes and listening to a hypnosis download can be a gentle introduction.

That is why we have made each of our available hypnosis scripts, into a downloadable MP3 hypnosis audio, which can be posted to you in CD format, or downloaded to your pc as an MP3. There is a vast range of hypnotherapy resources including, eliminating fear of flying hypnosis scripts, quit stop smoking scripts, nail biting scripts and confidence scripts.

In addition to the scripts we have, you can also request scripts that we do not yet have or you may like to learn how to write hypnosis scripts by downloading our e-book “How to create excellent hypnosis scripts.”

People Building are an NLP and Hypnotherapy training specializing in Hypnosis resources and training.

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