Problems Helped

An extremely wide and varied range of issues can be helped through the use of hypnotherapy.

People who have been treated by Peter report a marked change in their lives and well-being and are empowered to get on with life free of the limitations their condition created.

The blend of EFT, NLP and hypnosis used by Peter in his consultations, enables his clients to experience safe, fast and long-lasting results. Problems are assessed, identified and treated effectively and in most cases, without the need for extensive treatments.

In today’s world, where the psychological impact of modern living is resulting in so much pain and suffering, hypnotherapy and iris analysis offer a powerful means of restoring health and vitality.

There are many issues facing people today that are simply ‘tolerated’ and, in many cases, are not even considered as treatable by the sufferer. Issues such as relationship difficulties including conflicts, lacking assertiveness, attracting the wrong kind of partner, or ‘boundary’ problems and an inability to say “NO” or assert yourself. Hypnotherapy can help all of these.

Repeated negative emotions like anger, depression, sadness, guilt or shame, fear or anxiety, lack of control and overwhelm need no longer rob a person of their life when treated and resolved through hypnotherapy.

Do you suffer with a victim mentality where you appear to have repeated unpleasant experiences or negative events? Do you experience depression or the running of traumatic or unpleasant memories, pictures or experiences in your mind? Do you become anxious and possibly experience panic attacks? Do you have unwanted habits and compulsions involving food and substances? Do you stay awake at night unable to get to sleep? Do you smoke and wish you could stop, having tried everything to achieve that goal?

If you do, all of these can and are resolved through the process of hypnotherapy.

As you can see, many conditions can be helped through this approach and below is a list, by no means complete, of just some of the most common problems helped through hypnotherapy and iris analysis.

Stress Related Issues

Panic Attacks

Fears and Phobias

Weight Issues

Smoking Cessation

Eating Disorders

Sleep Problems

Confidence Issues

Performance Issues

Self Esteem

Emotional Grief


Internal Anger

Suppressed Emotions



Digestive Disorders

Migraines & Headaches

Back & Neck Problems

Skin Problems

Hormonal Issues

Arthritic Pains

Poor Circulation


General Pain

Immune System Dysfunction

Arterial Congestion

Vision and Hearing Problems

Glandular Problems

Reproductive Dysfunction

Fluid Retention

Hair Loss

To find out how Peter can help you regain your health and well-being simply contact him today.