Iris Analysis

Since the earliest recorded evidence of health analysis, the eyes have been used by healers, medicine men and doctors as indicators of health. In was discovered that through detailed examination of the iris – the coloured part of the eye, a vast amount of information relating to the functioning of the whole person, is readily available for evaluation.

The patterns and marking that appear in the irises are unique to each individual, similar to the way that we all have individual fingerprints. The iris, is an extension of the brain, and it records and displays information about every organ, gland, system and structure in the body including levels of inflammation, degeneration, weakness and toxicity. Through this connection to the brain, the thousands of nerve cells located within the iris appear to register the cellular activity in other parts of the body, and change in response to changes in body tissues. As a consequence of this process, the markings and colours of the iris change as the tissue of the body change.

These changes can be seen EVEN before a physical symptom occurs!

There are several parts of the body which are known to record all other parts of the body. These include: the ears (used in acupuncture), the tongue (used in Oriental medicine), the hands and feet (used in reflexology) and the irises. The ‘maps’ of these body parts have evolved over thousands of years, and today we have a far deeper understanding of the power and accuracy of these indicators.

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Iridology is now taught in many medical schools around the world, and in this country, many doctors are now training in iridology because they recognise its unique ability to look within an individual to assess what is happening not just to specific organs and systems, but also the body as a whole mechanism.

With the information obtained from a detailed analysis of the eyes, it is then possible to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses within an individual, to more accurately identify why symptoms have developed and to determine the most effective way to resolve the underlying reasons for the problem or disease.

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