Stopping Insomnia

Insomnia, or ‘poor sleep’ can have major negative repercussions on a persons’ health and general well being. It can impact on both our physical and mental health and can lead to other major health concerns.

Insomnia can stem from many underlying reasons, but what is common for many sufferers is their inability to fully relax and ‘switch the mind off”.

Constant thoughts, going around and around in the mind, darting from one thought to the next, prevent stillness and peace and leaves a sufferer exhausted.

In order to effectively treat insomnia, it is first necessary to allow a sufferer to re-experience what real relaxation feels like. It’s almost as though they’ve forgotten how to relax. Once this has been remembered by the brian, then fast and effective steps can be made to re-educate the subconscious towards allowing the person to fully relax and to allow a natural state of sleep to occur.

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest and most effective ways of achieving this goal for long-lasting results.

Sleeping pills, if used at all, should only be a short-term strategy as their effect is soon reduced and their side effects can be deep and far reaching.

Through the initial use of hypnotherapy and the teaching of self-hypnosis, long term deep sleep and consistent sleep patterns can be achieved safely and effectively. A sufferer can soon feel re-energised and revitalized as natural deep sleep returns. This has a major positive effect throughout the whole person, both mentally and physically, as the body returns to its more natural state of peace and harmony.

To find out how hypnotherapy can help you regain your natural sleep pattern and start enjoying long, deep, restorative sleep simply contact Peter today.