Dealing with Fears And Phobias

Fears and phobias are conditions that affect many, many people…far more people than you would ever realise. The only reason we are not aware of these issues in people is that these conditions become locked away and never talked about. They are too scary to fully acknowledge because, what could you do about it anyway and who would understand you without judging you and putting you down?

When a fear becomes intense and uncontrollable, often manifesting as a physical symptom, it’s then considered to be a phobia¬†.

A phobia is in essence an irrational fear which has become attached symbolically to a situation or an object, which in themselves may cause little or no real danger.

Some phobias may seem to serve a practical purpose, for example: fear of flying, or fire, or drowning etc., whereas others may appear to make no sense at all.

In hypnotherapy, we can find the originating cause of the phobia and release it – and when this internal conflict is resolved, the emotions are released, and the phobia disappears!

The whole process can be quick and painless with long-standing phobias being released in one brief session. Issues that would have taken years to resolve in traditional counseling can now be released easily and effectively through the use of EFT, NLP and hypnosis allowing the sufferer to reclaim their freedom from the limitations they were experiencing before the treatment commenced.

To find out how hypnotherapy can help you be free of your fears and phobias, simply contact Peter today.