Reflexology And Reiki

Many tools and therapies, that have been used successfully for thousands of years, can be employed when helping the body return to a state of balance.

Both reflexology and reiki and been used extensively by many cultures over the centuries and are even more popular today as many people look for a more non-invasive approach other than, or along side of  what orthodox medicine has to offer.

Peter has been a practitioner (and in the case of reiki, a teacher) of these therapies for many years and has used them extensively to help his clients.

Reflexology is essentially the application of pressure to specific pressure points in the feet to remove congestion within the body, stimulate the natural healing mechanism and promote relaxation.

Reiki is simply the process of enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanism through the use of a system of energy management and movement.

Both therapies are safe and non-intrusive and are now being used by many nursing professionals to assist patients in hospitals both for enhanced healing and for post treatment trauma.

To find out how reflexology and/or reiki can help you regain your health and well-being simply contact Peter today.