Free Relaxation Exercise

“The mind effects the body – The body effects the mind”
– so time to relax the body to help the mind enter into that desired state of relaxation.

The principle secret of obtaining and maintaining a natural state of relaxation and to reduce stress is to go back to first principles. To acknowledge the amount of tension which is held within the tissues of the body and to recognise how this tension prolongs a condition of ‘Stress’ within our whole being.

When you acknowledge this tension and simply learn how to release it naturally, you are more than half way towards your goal of peace and relaxation.

Included here is a very brief exercise to follow to allow your body to regain that state of relaxation and help release tension from your body and therefore your mind.

Just listen to the process, follow what’s being said and discover for yourself and quickly and effectively you can relax with ease.

Simply click the play button ( >) – wait a few moments and enjoy…..