Peter’s Approach To Health and Healing

Having worked as a professional therapist since 1994, Peter has developed his own unique approach towards assisting his clients obtain and maintain optimum health.

To obtain this state of well-being, it is first necessary to identify and address those factors which prevent this natural state of health from occurring

In his clinic, when a client comes for treatment, Peter uses the unique tool of iridology (see Iridology page) to make an initial assessment of the whole person.

It is through the eyes that all the ‘pathways to ‘dis-ease’ can be seen and from this, the most appropriate approach to help restore balance and healing can be decided upon.

This tool is used for all his disciplines as it provides accurate information relating to both physical and psychological conditions and allows for the fastest way to recovery to be taken.

For problems of a psychological nature, Peter’s unique program of hypnotherapy, which included: NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and hypnosis, enables long-standing problems to be resolved effectively and rapidly. In so doing, a state of harmony and balance can more easily be achieved. The whole process permits positive and healthy change to occur at a pace comfortable for the individual.

Being in a state of ‘Health’ is the most natural of states for us all. When we feel ourselves in this natural state, a state of harmony and balance, we naturally reduce our tendencies towards ill health and permit the body to heal effectively on all levels.

When we view our health in this holistic way, health becomes the norm and dis-ease becomes distant and obscure.

We are all unique, with our own particular genetic tendencies and our own areas of strengths and weakness, the latter becoming active when we are not in a state of balance. Similarly, external factors, be they physical or mental, can effect each of us in a manner unique to each individual. The effect of these factors will then manifest themselves in a wide range of physical and/or psychological symptoms. In order to ensure that such imbalances are minimised, we can strengthen the areas of vulnerability, heal the past impact of such factors (or stress on the system) and be mindful of our own unique ability to enhance healing within ourselves.

To find out how Peter can help you regain your health and well-being simply contact him today.