How Can Iris Analysis Help Me?

The process of Iris Analysis is both positive and preventative. With the detailed information obtained through the process, we can not only identify the conditions currently present and active within the body but also to recognise any changes that may be occurring in the tissues long before the development of clinical symptoms.

Through the the insight gained in this process, we are empowered to not only effectively address our current conditions, but also to take more responsibility for our health and well-being and make more informed choices about our lifestyles.

Most people have certain genetic predispositions which leave them inclined towards certain possible imbalances/weaknesses within their body and therefore the potential for certain conditions and symptoms to occur at some point in their life. So with this information at our disposal, if we knew we had a a tendency towards congestion of the walls of the arteries would we choose to continue to eat foods high in fat? If we knew that our kidneys were weak or congested would we choose to continue to foods which irritated this tendency or continue to drink large volumes of alcohol?

Regardless of our individual tendencies and weaknesses, iridology provides us with the opportunity to accurately and effectively analyse and correct health issues and imbalances long before a major health problem arises.

With iridology, the focus is not on treating a ‘disease’ as similar symptoms can be displayed by many diseases. The focus is on identifying the underlying causes of the symptoms and addressing these effectively so as to enable the body to regain a state where it will heal itself.

When receiving an iris analysis at Cambridge Mind And Body, there are two options:

A basic iris analysis consultation – this involves an examination of the eyes using a magnifier and light, where the main issues are identified and reported. Verbal recommendations are then offered to help address the imbalances recorded

The more in-depth analysis – this involves a more in-depth examination of the eyes using a magnifier and light, looking at every single organ, system and structure within the body. This is then followed by the completion of a detailed health questionnaire, taking into account such issues as: medical history, diet, lifestyle and emotional issues.

Following this initial consultation, there is the option of commencing on a treatment programme to address the issues identified in the analysis. The information from the analysis is used to design a unique treatment programme aimed at helping you to achieve and maintain optimum health. The programme covers advice on diet, lifestyle, appropriate naturopathic techniques, herbs, emotional balancing, stress management, etc.

The whole process is powerful and empowering. It brings immediate insight into the issues effecting your health and well being and offers accurate guidance towards regaining balanced health, peace and vitality.

To find out how iridology can help you regain your health and well-being simply contact Peter today.