Hypnotherapy for Ibs: Does it Actually Work?

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects over 25 million people in the USA. Contrary to popular belief, IBS is actually a very common disorder which is classed by the medical profession as a ‘functional disorder’ – in other words there’s nothing medically or organically wrong with the body. Generally, conventional treatments often do not work very well and IBS sufferers often feel that their symptoms are being ignored, downplayed or misunderstood. Besides that, IBS is a multifactorial illness which means that there are many causes. As a result of that, it is difficult to pinpoint the accurate treatment. Fortunately, IBS is not fatal nor is it linked to the development of other serious bowel diseases. However, IBS can bring about extremely frustrating and disturbing and often embarrassing experience to the sufferers. More and more IBS sufferers are opting for more natural home remedies and self help. One of the treatments which is gaining much popularity is hypnotherapy for IBS. In this article, we look at what hypnotherapy is and its effect on IBS.

Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis not only to alleviate symptoms but often to uncover the cause of the problem which can be corrected thus ensuring a complete and permanent cure. Hypnotherapy is used as a way to make people more aware of their bodies so that they may have better control over their general functioning. However, this therapy is not suitable for children aged under five or anyone with a severe mental illness. Hypnotherapy is the process whereby you become deeply or lightly relaxed, guided by words, phrases, suggestions and imagination. Hypnotherapy is usually carried out one-to-one with a trained and trusted hypnotherapist in a therapeutic setting, but it may also take place in small groups, for example in pain or antenatal clinics. However, these days, many people prefer to buy ibs hypnosis tapes or CDs to listen in the comfort of their own homes. IBS hypnosis are available as downloads on the internet as well.

So how does IBS hypnotherapy helps sufferers to alleviate IBS symptoms?

Hypnotherapy is beneficial not only for the relaxation it induces, but for the state of suggestibility that characterizes it. Hypnotherapy can reduce this stress and its resultant negative impact by placing you in a deeply relaxed state, promoting positive thoughts and coping strategies, and clearing your mind of negative attitudes. Hypnotherapy induces a state of relaxation while the patient is awake, and allows helpful suggestions such as those aimed at controlling health problems to be directed into the subconscious mind.

Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy is indeed effective in improving both symptoms and quality of life in patients with IBS. What is more important is hypnotherapy offer sufferers a drug-free solution to their symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain and bloating. Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure: rather it is a state of awareness that can be used for self-help. Hypnotherapy is time-consuming and it does take quite a bit of time to actually feel the effect. But to many sufferers, persistense pays off.

In conclusion, IBS hypnotherapy is recommended by authority IBS sites such as IBSTales.com. It has claimed over 80% success rate for alleviating all IBS symptoms. IBS hypnotherapy has been researched for 30 years and stands alone as the most significant long term symptom relief solution. Hypnotherapy has in fact proven highly effective in alleviating all of the various IBS symptoms. If nothing has work for you, why don’t you give IBS hypnotherapy a try?

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