EFT Works For Eliminating Phobias

Emotional freedom techniques or EFT works for the immediate and permanent elimination of various phobias. Many EFT practitioners have cured all sorts of phobias of people who have battled with it for years or all their lives.

The EFT in solving phobias involve redirecting the old thought patterns or response mechanisms of phobic people to the thing or situation they have a phobia about and basically creating a new set of more useful patterns or mechanisms of behavior to replace the old phobic response.

Thousands of testimonies from people who have been cured of their phobias have spread the word about the success of EFT. There were even known instances of phobias being cured in a single EFT session only.

In fact, EFT can be used as a self-help treatment for phobia. There are online or printed resources that offers step-by-step guide on how to cure phobias successfully in self -help treatment. At one point, you still need to learn the EFT from an expert or practitioner via courses, trainings or, studying manuals or video presentations. You cannot rely on your own because phobias are complicated and intense emotional and psychological conditions, thus proper training is necessary.

Then the process of facing one’s fear will begin. This is not as simple as it sounds since people with phobic response cannot even think about or even verbalized the object of their fear as it gives them extreme stress, anxiety or, fear. This process should not be forced under any circumstances. Phobic people should not be forced to face their fears. It should be done comfortably, gently, and in the most natural way. Each person should progress following their own timeframe, it differs for everyone.

Likewise, there is a different starting point for every person, it is not uniform. The important thing is that the person is relaxed or comfortable enough so that the process of eliminating his or her phobia can start. There has to be acceptance that despite the phobic condition, the person is loved or the he or she loves himself or herself. Eventually, the fear or fright will be replaced by curiosity and there will be lesser resistance and anxiety.

When this happens, the actual process of phobia elimination begins. It entails distancing one’s self from the object of phobia. Most of the time, the phobia is actually a direct or indirect effect of a stressful situation. So the underlying causes need to be identified and uncovered.

EFT has cured all types of phobias including anthrophobia (fear of people), agoraphobia (fear of heights), arachnophobia (fear of spiders), astraphobia (fear of stars and celestial space), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed efforts), dentophobia (fear of dentist), dystychiphobia (fear of accidents), enochlophobia (fear of crowds), felinophobia (fear of cats), genophobia (fear of sex), hematophobia (fear of blood), insectophobia (fear of insects), koniophobia (fear of dust), lygophobia (fear of darkness), monophobia (fear of solitude or being alone), nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals), onomatophobia (fear of hearing a certain word or names), ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), ochlophobia (fear of crowds or mobs), pharmacophobia (fear of taking medicine), parturiphobia (fear of childbirth), pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying), pyrophobia (fear of fire), tachophobia (fear of speed), theatrophobia (fear of theaters) and even the so called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words).

The most effective technique available today i.e. EFT for overcoming fears and eliminating phobias.Start realizing soon being healthy for lifetime, just do watch this eft dvd and meet your eft practitioner.

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