Hypnotherapy a Victim of Tall Tales

Misconceptions about hypnotherapy are common, even among clients who attend hypnotherapy Edinburgh. Most likely, this misunderstanding originates from the mostly unethical use of hypnosis as a form of entertainment on stages and television. Hypnosis used in this way has led to many a myth such as only gullible people can be hypnotized and hypnosis can make you lose control or go mad. Whilst it appears that people on such shows seem to be under the control of the hypnotist, they are not. Rather, they are suggestible and willing to play along with the hypnotist (within reason, a person wouldn’t carry out an act they strongly disagreed with). They are also likely to be responding to social pressure and expectations of the audience.

So what Is Hypnosis and How Is It Used in Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state characterized by intense relaxation and heightened awareness or focus. Relaxing in this way allows the mind to become detached from everyday worries and hassles (a bit like having a good fantasy!). Hypnotherapists agree that whilst you are relaxed during the hypnotic state, it is possible to access the unconscious part of your mind in order to creatively find solutions to problems. This is possible because your analytical, critical, anxious conscious mind can be bypassed. Whilst in a relaxed hypnotic state the unconscious mind can respond in an open and curious way to imagery and suggestion.

Hypnosis is a state that allows you to focus and concentrate. Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh uses this state to allow you to let positive changes happen as opposed to trying to make them happen consciously. Hypnotherapy enables you to solve problems, reduce stress, change habits and achieve aims.

I am a mental health professional and I use hypnotherapy Edinburgh as a tool to empower people who find that their conscious attempts to solve a problem are not working. Using hypnotherapy, can enable you to understand and overcome problems that are outside of conscious awareness. For some, this method is far more effective then trying to use willpower alone.

So What Is Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy Not?

1. Hypnosis is not sleep but an intense relaxed state in which you are fully aware. Therefore there is no risk of you not waking up as your not asleep.

2. Hypnosis is not mind control, the hypnotherapist will guide you but cannot make you act against your will.

3. Hypnosis is not for gullible people. Anyone that wants to be hypnotized can be. It is only difficult to hypnotize someone who is scared of hypnosis or who doesn’t really want to be hypnotized.

4. Hypnotherapy is not a magical treatment that works instantly. Often you will require several sessions to learn to relax and to work through your problem. It is not instant.

5. Hypnosis cannot make you divulge private information that you want to keep to yourself. You will only share with your therapist what you want to.

For some people, hypnotherapy can be an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable method for making changes and learning to relax. It would be a shame to let tall tales about hypnotherapy put you off from finding out more about this treatment and how it may be able to help you.

Karen is a hypnotherapist Edinburgh and used Hypnotherapy to empower people to find creative solutions to difficulties. Hypnotherapy, Edinburgh is also a great way of managing stress and learning to relax. Visit http://www.karenhastings.co.uk.

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