The Perceptions of Modern Hypnotherapy

The old Svengali-like perception of hypnotherapy often associated with mind control is rapidly being replaced by its effectiveness in dealing with a wide variety of psychological and psychosomatic (physical issues confirmed in the mind) issues.

People suffering from negative emotions, bad behaviours and other psychological issues can use the help of a skilfull hypnotherapist to change their patterns and replace them with more positive ones.

Despite its benefits, many people are confused about hypnotherapy and hypnosis in general and they often avoid hypnosis as a potential treatment due to this.

Some of the obvious misconceptions are: –

1.”I fear getting stuck in the state of hypnosis”

This is a very common fear up until today. The good news is that there have been no recorded cases of patients getting “stuck” in the state of hypnosis.

Rarely a person can enjoy the experience of being hypnotized so much, that they appear unresponsive to the hypnotherapist’s instructions to emerge from hypnosis. Other than that, you remain in control; you can – if the need should arise – open your eyes at any point.

2.”I do not wish to be controlled by my hypnotherapist!!”

Many people associate the evil Svengali character who would use his powers to control people, with hypnosis. This is not true whatsoever and the media and stage hypnosis is also partly to blame for this common fear that people have.

It is important to remember that the patient is always in control throughout the hypnosis period and can accept or reject any suggestions that might be passed on by the therapist.

3.”I do not think I can go in to a state of hypnosis”

The ability to go into a state of hypnosis is a skill that can be developed over time. Some people are naturally more talented at hypnosis, just as they may be more talented at music or arts, but everybody can improve their hypnotic abilities with practice.

A skilled therapist will work individually with each client to make sute that they have the right tools and understandings to get the desired results with hypnosis.

4.”Will I still be conscious?”

Contrary to popular belief, many patients report back that they feel more aware and in touch with their surroundings during hypnosis. This is because the mind is very relaxed and still.

5.”Will my therapist know all my secrets?”

Again, this is impossible because as mentioned earlier, patients are always in control throughout the session. The only thing that has been reported by patients is that they feel more accepting and open to the positive suggestions made by their therapist.

This is one of the reasons that materials discovered in a hypnotic state are not admitted in court. A person can lie very easily in hypnosis if they wish to do so.

Once people understand hypnosis better, they are more able to use it effectively as a patient and get better results.

Hypnosis has been developed throughout decades and people are finding it to be more effective then conventional routes in many cases.

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