Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation: When Other Remedies Fail


For many people, smoking is a habit they wish to break, but just can not seem to let go of. Smoking fills the body with harmful cancer causing toxins that can lead a normal, healthy individual down the path of a variety of cancers and other ailments in no time flat. But, when all else fails, alternative medicine may be that light at the end of the tunnel. Hypnotherapy is an all natural, safe alternative to the medications on the market that just do not work the way hypnosis works.


Alternative medicine, such as hypnotherapy, is a great solution to a problem that is about more than just taking that next puff. Stopping smoking means a person can regain their life back and have more free time than they ever thought possible. But, in order to regain that freedom, the habit needs to be broken from the inside out. Hypnotherapy is unique in that it rids the mind of the need to smoke and thus makes the smoker feel less like having a puff of tobacco if at all. You are in control and you have the ability, once again, to choose whether or not you want to smoke. That control is the key to quitting smoking.


Tobacco contains nicotine, and just like any other addictive drug, nicotine leads the person to believe that not only want another cigarette, but they need that cigarette. This need can be addressed on the mental level. A hypnotherapist can break down those walls of addiction and reprogram the mind to believe that smoking is not the right choice. This reprogramming is often done in one simple session. There are no drugs, no harmful side effects, just cleaner lungs and a reduced chance of contracting tobacco related illnesses.


The smoker often chooses the more traditional therapies before trying hypnosis as a last straw effort. The benefits of hypnosis for smoking cessation are far greater than any smoker can understand. The drugs on the market aimed at stopping the need for smoking often carry harmful side effects that can be worse on the body than the smoking itself. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is a gentle, natural way to tell your body that you want to be the one in control and not that next puff of tobacco.


The effects of tobacco are far reaching and negative in every aspect. The tobacco can taint the color of your teeth, make your skin look saggy and unhealthy, dull your hair, and make you smell like an old ashtray, not to mention the taste of your kisses. Your children will notice the difference, your partner will notice the difference, but most of all you will notice the difference in a very short period of time and your body will begin to rid itself of the harmful lung compressing effects of cigarettes and other tobacco in just a few days.


If you are tired of smoking and you want instant relief, do not trudge through all of the medications on the market before trying the natural approach. Hypnosis performed by a trained hypnotherapist can find the root cause of the need to smoke. You are not to blame for the habit, the tobacco is to blame. Take back the control that tobacco has taken from you and regain that time spent smoking. Smell better, feel better, look better, and quit smoking today with hypnotherapy.

Terry works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping them stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more confident and helping to create generative change. He uses the latest techniques of hypnosis and NLP. Contact him at http://www.mind-works.co.uk

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