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Hi, this is from the Sunshine Coast EFT Sika’al Vrenssen, is Sika’al. I am a trainer and therapist and EFT people are, just release your life is removed from the emotions of life, will feel good to help you use your own family helps to use a bank account in a bank account in order to learn how a friend even for professional clients.

The mean EFT Emotional Freedom techniques. EFT is a very simple way using only your fingers touching the point of anti-stress and release point of the body.

This can now be compared to acupuncture, we can learn very easy for anyone, it is much, much, much more effective Do not use the needle technique is simple.

is touching the main points of anti-stress the body simply by the mental body to help release the physical stress. And it really free for your life I love the EFT can help you with anything that might help you.

All these feelings of us stuck in this, our body of stress associated with it should really get rid of them effectively in our lives We can not help because you need to keep their bank accounts are no longer a very mild way.

we work together four meetings, this is a very freeing up more space in life, anxiety and feelings you hold the most help do not want to release.

Also, let’s scary to see what future? worried about? “And we’re just too, you know, the move can help you let this moment more.

This is the last to see the world that the structure of the belief that you, and how to self show. We have yourself and your life is your thinking about changing the world and your life can really be a good way to change more aggressively.

can also help you with actual how to apply EFT to teach them how to train yourself to yourself, not only yourself but also others that in your life.

This family and friends who know you may want to help people reduce their burden in life that really hold. And you know, become your own therapist and trainer, EFT, to do this in my life could be like.

teach my bank account is now three levels, it is our basic level in three levels of mental or physical problems, you already have a nice life 70 problems that may occur in% taught how to do the EFT.

this next level, emotional trauma deeper issues that may be experiencing, you know what, in your life, or other physical problems that might occur, of any kind. BR occur under a wide range of steps that can really help /> and the third level, we will really start to work a little more energy. That’s why people with a wider, more spiritual, will help workers and the natural light Enerugiwaka problem.

it and now your time is appreciated. Your life to free us from what interests you, call us today about 1300 in his only really make a difference – The Awakening, or visit http://www.universalrhapsody.com J.

Thank you for this.