Eft Therapy – 7 Reasons to Use Eft

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles. Tapping on certain meridian points on our body balances the natural energies in our bodies. EFT helps overcome limiting beliefs, fears, reduce stress, anger, doubt, boredom, guilt, cravings and so much more. Founder Gary Craig says, “It often helps when nothing else works.” Since learning EFT in 2006, I have been truly amazed with the results I have had working with my clients.

7 reasons to use EFT:

1. Simple to learn

EFT takes only minutes to learn. You can easily find many tutorial videos on the Internet or you can download a free how-to manual at Gary Craig’s Official EFT website.

2. Easy to use

All you need to use EFT are your finger tips, a simple script and a few minutes. Since you are the one tapping with your own fingertips with a comfortable amount of pressure, It’s very gentle on your body.

3. Only takes minutes

It only takes a few minutes for each round of EFT. You can easily find a few minutes each day to work on your chosen issue.

4. Take it anywhere

You can easily take EFT with you wherever you go. You can do EFT while at home, on vacation, and even in the shower.

5. Versatile

EFT can be used on a wide variety of issues. Use it for addictions, cravings, anger management, weight loss, limiting beliefs, anxiety, emotional issues, doubt, stress, public speaking, self esteem issues, pain management, guilt, forgiveness, fears, phobias, and sports performance.

6. Help others

One of the most rewarding reasons to learn EFT is so you can help others. Family, friends, or clients will be amazed at the quick results. You can easily teach EFT in just a few minutes.

7. Great results

The effectiveness of EFT is very well documented. Everyday people are amazed that something so quick and easy can be so effective. I often have client’s scratching their head, wondering how their issue has improved in just minutes.

Darren Hiller Hypnosis & EFT offers sessions for stop smoking, weight loss, pain & stress management, fears & phobias, sports performance, emotional issues, insomnia, habits, confidence, and much more.


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