Eft – Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping yourself to health & freedom

Many of you will have seen the numerous adverts for courses teaching EFT but may be unsure what exactly it is. A meridian based system EFT, developed by Gary Craig in the early 90’s and derived from TFT (Thought Field Therapy), it is simple to learn, easy to practice and achieves results beyond many conventional therapies. By focusing the mind on a specific problem and tapping on just 14 points, many physical, emotional and mental issues can be cleared, often within minutes. Sound to good to be true? Just try it for yourself and see. With enough free information on the net to get you started it won’t be long before you have your first results.

the basic principle is that a disruption in the bodies energy system causes unwanted emotional (and often physical) pain. Traumatic events throughout our life as well as verbal conditioning from family, teachers, peers etc and many other unknown factors are stored as energetic memories, or disruptions, in the bodies’ energy system. These may be affecting the way we choose to live and respond to life and help form our many limiting beliefs. Others may just be triggered by a thought or memory, such as when getting into a car after a traumatic car accident. When the associated anxiety and fear return it can limit a person from living their full potential. Whatever the cause it can easily be cleared with EFT, and the person is relieved of all symptoms.

By focusing the mind on the problem we tune in to the specific ‘frequencies’ of disturbance that we want to treat, a bit like tuning a radio. Once we are on the right channel, and this can be easy as asking the client to think about or visualise the problem, we tap on a sequence of points. Each of the 14 points used is at the end, or near the end, of a meridian channel or one of the governing and conception channels used in traditional acupuncture. The tapping appears to clear the disturbance on the ‘specific frequency’ being treated and results in a correction of the problem. Another reason of EFT’s effectiveness is due to it’s treatment of ‘psychological reversal’, a concept carried over from TFT. This is the part of the person that will self sabotage an attempt to change. An example might be that of someone trying to loose weight who breaks their diet on day two. The subconscious may not be ready to change, often because it feels unsafe. Again this is easily treated with EFT.

Fears and phobias are common for a variety of different issues. It matters little whether it is a life long phobia of spiders or a recent fear of heights or flying, EFT will usually clear it within just 1 session. The success rate with EFT for this particular problem is so high that many therapists will not even charge if they do not get a result. Even if your phobia is highly unusual it is still just as easy to treat. Unlike some other approaches EFT foes not force a person to face their fear. It is a much gentler technique which allows their them to let go of any fear before facing it so they remain calm and in control. There are many cases of people who have even gone on to enjoy their previous worst nightmares such as loving flying or taking up skydiving after having a fear of heights.

Emotional trauma and PTSD are also easily, and often quickly, dealt with. From childhood abuse to war memories EFT relieves the negative emotional response to these memories thoroughly and yet gently. The life long implications to a persons self confidence after such incidents are usually cleared too. Gary Craig has much written and video documentation of his visit to a Vietnam War Veterans clinic in which he worked with some very difficult cases. Here he was able to remove the emotional intensity of reoccurring memories and allow clients to sleep properly since the war. For most of the men only a couple of sessions where needed. Visit Gary Craig’s web site for a list of such case studies.

Most therapists recognize the importance of emotions in physical pain so it will come as no surprise to learn of EFT’s effectiveness in it. By working on either the physical symptoms or on the emotions connected to it results can be quick and long lasting. I have even worked with people who have suffered constantly from pain as the result of an operation gone wrong, a seaming purely physical case. Even here I have guided them to complete relieve in just a few minutes. In many of these cases the pain will return, however as the treatment can be self administered once learnt they are able to control the pain without medication. Headaches and migraines can also be stopped in just a couple of rounds of tapping, so dramatically it seems life a party trick for EFT

Cravings and addictions can also be treated. The mental/physical craving for any substance (whether it be nicotine, alcohol or heroin) or food can be relieved very easily. This result is usually only temporary as the cravings are only a symptom of the problem. To get complete relieve guidance from a good therapist to address the underlying emotional drivers is essential. Once this has been done you can be certain the addiction will not shift, and the client will typically benefit from many ‘positive side effects’.

Financial blocks and limiting beliefs restricting success are yet another of EFT’s many applications. By identifying your negative beliefs towards yourself and to money it is possible to change your experiences. Beliefs such as ‘money is evil’, ‘I don’t deserve to be wealthy’, ‘only greedy people are rich’, ‘it is more spiritual to be poor’ etc hold us in financial poverty. Others such as ‘I am no good’ and ‘other people are better than me’ hold back out potential of success in our chosen field. Many people try to change through positive affirmations. These rarely work because the apposing core beliefs are just too strong. By using EFT to remove them many life and business coaches are now guiding there clients (and themselves) to levels of success and wealth only previously dreamed of.

In short EFT is easy to learn and highly versatile. You can learn it in just a day or two and can even get results within 15-30 minutes of reading some of the many free online instructions. You can even treat your belief that this is too easy to work. Keep an open mind and give it a try, trust me you won’t regret it.

For more information visit www.eft-therapy.com or email information@eft-therapy.com

Leon has trained in many natural therapies but now specializes in EFT.
He is author of www.eft-therapy.com (a free information and resource site) as well as several manuals
and workbooks on the subject. Originally from the UK he now lives and works in New Zealand.

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