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Home> Yasushi Ken> Resistance, EFT and resistance to electronic payments and do | less than / strong> to edit the article Published: December 23, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Share]]> client and my class participants only a few of them give you a job on a regular basis to verify that no eavesdropping during this session

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EFT is an excellent energy healing technique. This is the most effective, the healing energy is one of the procedures we have today. To open blocked energy channels in our body is a very simple way. EFT, you can use the bed or use as an activity, if you wake during the night, can be implemented with difficulty returning to sleep. Less / p’s> author: Glenda Sparlingl Yasushi Ken> Sleepl 14 Νοεμβρίου 2007 lViews: 142 EFT – this is why and how to avoid six

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Life Between Lives – Hypnotherapy For Your Soul

Do you ever wonder who you really are?

Why are you here on Earth, and what is your purpose?

Where do you come from and where are you headed?

Do you ever wonder if there is life after life?

What happens when we die?

Is there anything, or they just turn out the light?

What if you discovered that it is possible to answer life’s eternal questions today, and in one sitting you could get responses to your fundamental inquiries from seemingly out of nowhere, from the eternal Universe.

What if you could suddenly “know” and “perceive a clear direction in your life, or a confirmation of your direction already taken. What if you could hear the guidance in words and messages, see the pictures from your future, feel the heavenly ecstasy of peace in the midst of everyday worries, perceive unconditional love and experience a clear sense of well-being?

Would you want such experience?

In this time of change we may find ourselves in a dire need of changing at least something in our lives. Perhaps, as simple as a thought of a change to feeling better about ourselves and about our situations, or as radical as a change of location, relationship, job, belief system, or eliminating fear. Any of those can create a feeling of resistance in knowing about change, and even fear, collapsing our will to change.

Fear drives many of us to perpetuate the ways we already prepared for ourselves in our life. Even if drowning in a swampy mud of present life in an unsightly metaphorical picture of your future, changing it and taking faith in moving to a dry piece of land with a bright sunshine “somewhere over the rainbow” for many of us is an impossible task to undertake.

In this case the action we think of taking is – NO ACTION.

As we all know well enough, no active action leads to leaving things like they are, wait and “see what happens”. Instead of taking the initiative to move on, many stay in a painful situation of uninvolved or abusive relationships, unloved jobs, and unhealthy diets, finding many reasons for themselves in saying “there is no other way for me”.

A client named Sandy (changed name) recently complained that loud noises in her apartment form her neighbors are unbearable. She tried reasoning with the person, appealed to the landlord, authorities, and all to no avail. She hit the wall in her situation, crying “I cannot even move out, I am flat broke, and I can’t stand that noise!”

She was desperate finding this last resort Hypnotherapy. Instead of common regressions, or even past life regressions, she braved to try the spiritual regression of Life Between Lives soul and spirit integration.

Sandy was able to gain a different perspective on her situation and find resolution to her quest. How? You would ask.

She found out that she made some decisions in her past that created her present situation, so there is no one to blame, and that she can reframe her attitude and make another decision going forward. She found the spiritual guidance leading her to the highest judgment and discovered that she was loved and was never judged, as judgment was a human concept created for instilling fear in children and adults in order to follow the rules.

She breathed out the negative reflection on her past, and allowed herself to look into the future filled with hope. She found it is possible for her to open up to accepting others as they are, and possibly even accepting herself as she is. After divine relaxed energy which creatively showered on her, cleansing and spiritually re-patterning, she re-gained confidence in herself and made necessary adjustments, finding peace. You are beginning to feel curious how she achieve all this, aren’t you?

In her spiritual regression, guided by her hypnotherapist, she continuously integrated the process of discovery and new directions into her present situations, thus creating the healing and promoting description for her healthy active steps in the next few days, months to come. Positive suggestions were then given to her to be able to continue to integrate the process in the time after the session.


What if you could productively use the knowledge received from your eternal super-soul, integrate it into your life, begin projects, learn things that you always wanted. What if the benefits of this Life Between Lives process did not end here, and went on to more benefits:

• Releasing ALL fears

• releasing a fear of death

• Re-gaining a sense of inner peace

• Restoring relationship with your soul

• Getting clarity about your life’s purpose

Imagine discovering ways to:

• Make your decisions in such way so you never regret them

• Know your path

• Feel better about yourself

• Be sure that you are doing the right thing

• Become more confident

And therefore, learn the tools to

• Create the life that you desire

• And finally feel fulfilled

You uncover answers to many of your questions, for example the fundamental ones:

• Who you really are

• Who your soul mate is

• What you are doing here on earth now

• What your higher guidance is

• How to begin to receive clear messages and continue to communicate with your guidance

• How to stay youthful and re-juvenate when you need to.

The ultimate clear and beneficial results of this metaphoric approach to healing are that you open up to the possibilities rather than limitations. This leads to being open to embracing the idea of having:

• A happy life

• A great relationship

• Life fulfilling work

• Re-gaining a powerful feeling of self-confidence

• Love in your life

• Finding joy in your life

History of Life Between Lives

Consider this:

Your Soul is eternal, it is an eternal imprint of you in the Universe.

What does it look like?

It may be a benevolent light, a ball of energy of any color, with your highest purpose in mind, your guidance to make the right choices, fulfill you purpose. Take a leap of faith. Life Between Lives is an exploration of our eternal soul’s life between incarnations. As if the life on Earth is a job we go to fulfill and come back HOME after physical death.

So WHERE IS HOME? What do we do there? How do we learn? How do we decide on what body to pick for the next life, or how do we recognize our Soul Mate? How do we prepare for the next life and what is the process for learning and assessing the previous life?

If you accept a concept of mind travel, day-dreaming, past lives and reincarnation, why not leap to a possibility of looking into what happens in eternity, between incarnations?

Many authors had written volumes on study cases of those spontaneously remembering a past incarnation, a life in the past, sometimes accurately naming events, relationships and recognizing the energy of people with whom they met in the current life.

The idea of past lives in not new any more than the idea of religion, and in fact as old as humanity itself. But only relatively recently, sociologists, scientists and therapists began to view Past Lives as a healing process in mental relief of unhealthy symptoms caused by accumulating tension, leading to diseases, in a human body. Dr. Brian Weiss in his book Many Lives Many Masters, pioneered case studies and descriptions about relieving symptoms of long term discomfort and disease of his patients, which led to his personal transformation. As a traditional psychotherapist, a graduate of Yale University, he never previously believed in reincarnation, leave alone any work with such an idea as means of healing symptoms in a human body. Upon discovery through spontaneous regressions in one of his patient’s cases, he began his research and concluded that our consciousness has a memory that is longer that the length of our physical life. Subsequent to this idea, he developed an idea of past lives, future lives and a time between incarnation where a soul works toward attaining the necessary knowledge to continue with successful progression of its incarnations.

Since then under a supervision and guidance of trained hypnotherapists thousands of hypnotherapy clients accessed information on what we do when we GO HOME. Hypnotherapy had proven to be an effective tool to uncover our soul’s journeys reincarnating in various times and countries, allowing for clients in hypnosis to safely learn their “karmic lessons” and healing and releasing the negative influences, preconceived notions, accepting learning and new perspectives on their own life. Past lives healing process became a main stream tool for self-discovery of the path to release past hurts, negative patterns and reframing self-perceptions toward positive change.

The process of reincarnation and time in between reincarnations was deepened in an independent research by another psychotherapist, Dr. Michael Newton, also a clinical hypnotherapist. Over the last thirty plus years Dr. Newton further developed the process and called it a Life Between Lives spiritual integration. He repeatedly hypnotized thousands of his clients into a higher state of self discovery, into a Soul State, from which his clients independently of each other reported very similar to each other information. Through a series of sequent open-ended questions, comparison and thorough research, Dr. Newton had documented thousands of client cases and studies in his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. He found consistency in the information reported by clients in spiritual regressions, which allowed him to learn about the structure, nature and functions of the process. He outlined:

• souls categories

• the spirit world in general

• variations in personal soul’s groups

• primary/secondary soul mates

• guides, councils and teachers

Followed with the descriptions of the processes of

• soul rejuvenation exercises

• time spending habits during soul recreation

• principles of our soul learning

• soul specialization, interests and work

• next life and body selection

• the integration of soul’s important influential past lifetimes

• integration of higher consciousness into the current life of the client, creating the benefits for healthy existence on Earth

It is only natural to graduate with one’s curiosity toward personal description of spirit world in Life Between Life, journey of spiritual integration for the Soul, from the process of discovery in our past lives.

Today it is also a well known process, acclaimed and widely used in self-discovery and healing. In a professional environment guided by a certified experienced hypnotherapist, you will be assisted in achieving highly pleasant, emotionally aware state, a state of relaxed awareness, energy, flow, lightness, a state of higher purpose, self discovery, where it becomes possible to receive the wisdoms of inner Soul, Guides, and Counsel.


In a private setting of a professional hypnotherapy office, bringing a list of your questions and issues, you are safely guided to achieve a state of relaxed focus leading into a interactive discovery state.

By Morrin Bass, BCH, NGH Hypnotherapist, Instructor Founder, Director New York Awareness Center 866-522-5886

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