Deal With Menopause Better Through EFT

As they age, all women will definitely experience menopause. The word menopause usually encompasses the changes a woman will live through immediately before or after she stops having menstruation. Although it is but a normal process for any woman, it is usually a terribly uncomfortable, frustrating, and depressing stage. Some of the symptoms of menopause include changes in the skin, muscle tone, and libido levels, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal discharge, urinary incontinence, weight gain, and acne breakout. Added to these are various emotional symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, moodiness, and irritability.

In this day and age of breakthroughs in medicine and alternative cures, the various negative symptoms and effects of menopause are no longer things that any woman will definitely live through. Various methods are now available that will help women deal with menopause better. One popular and highly-effective method is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

What is EFT? EFT was discovered by a Stanford engineer, ordained preacher, and Personal Performance Coach by the name of Gary Craig. It is a natural method that functions by balancing a person’s energy systems. EFT believes that when a person’s energy system is imbalanced, emotional disorders and negative physical indications arise. Emotional disorders include fears, triggers, phobias, depression, anger, etc. The negative physical indications can take the form of chronic pain, disease, tension, etc.

EFT eases all these emotional disorders and negative physical indications by releasing blockages that come as results of contemplation of or involvement in a particularly stressful or difficult situation. EFT achieves this by the practice of doing a series of tapping, with the use of the middle and index fingers, on specific points on the energy meridians located everywhere in our bodies, while stating a optimistic, helpful statement . EFT is like acupuncture, except that it stimulates the points not by sticking in needles but by simply tapping on them.

It does seem to be a bit strange and unbelievable at the onset, but EFT is guaranteed to be an extremely successful method as many discomforts and diseases find as their sources hidden emotions that, when brought to the surface and when dealt with properly, will bring about healing.

This is why EFT is the perfect treatment that women approaching or undergoing menopause should experience. More than the physical turmoil that necessarily comes with it, menopause is also largely a time of emotional upheaval. For a woman who has been enjoying the thought of being productive during the better part of her adult life, the idea that one of her vital organs will soon be rendered essentially useless is depressing, frustrating, and irritating. To better deal with this overly emotional stage in a woman’s life, it is best to go deep into the source feelings to reduce the stress produced. When a woman lives a less stressful life, hormonal imbalances are avoided. And, essentially, a relief in the symptoms of menopause is felt, thus, menopause in its entirety can be dealt with better and more easily. What’s more, EFT is all-natural, safe and absolutely effective. It will also give you long-lasting results and predominantly positive side effects. The method is also uncomplicated to learn and remember. Thus, the practice of the tapping routine is positively effortless.

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