Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Only for Future Non-smokers

Hypnotherapy stop smoking techniques are for those of you who’ve made the decision to quit smoking for life. You’ve chosen a quit smoking technique with a 97.2% success rate. Why so high? Keep reading…

Firstly, making up your mind to stop smoking is 90% of the battle. The last 10%, the hardest part – is actually making the decision final. Using the powerful and proven methods of Hypnotherapy, you can reprogram your mind and body to let go of your habit once and for all, permanently and painlessly! Furthermore, unlike other methods that you may have tried before, hypnotherapy stop smoking will help you stop instantly… and there are no withdrawal symptoms, no anxiety, and no weight gain either.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.hT) specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming (THE NUMBER 1 CHANGE TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD), I help patients quit smoking everyday for life in my Toronto office.

I am going to reveal some SECRET information that the tobacco companies DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW. They want you to believe quitting smoking has to be a painful and a long drawn out process.

The truth is, the smoking habit has no power at all. It never was any benefit to you. It never had the power to give you the things you believed it did: the confidence, the focus, and the street smarts. It was a lie. The creators of the habit invented the lie. If you don’t feed it, all that will happen is that it will die. The scratching and screeching was all fluff, the habit had you fooled. The danger to you was in feeding it and keeping it alive. On it’s own it’s a dead habit, it can’t do any more harm than it’s already done. You should be happy when it is scratching, because that’s when you are in front. The harder it scratches and screeches, the nearer death it is, it will become quiet then, and die. There’s nothing more harmless than a completely dead habit. The only way to kill it is to refuse to feed it.

How You’re Feeding Your Smoking Habit

Habits come from thoughts. Below is a list of researched examples about how are thoughts are created from our brain frequencies.

People who meditate have been found to alter Alpha/Theta brain frequency according to their depth of meditation, reports Japan’s leading Neuro-physiologist, Dr. Tomb Hirai.

He has correlated brain-wave patterns with certain stages of meditation. And according to Dr. Hirai, “Meditation is not merely a state between mental stability and sleep, but a condition in which the mind operates at the optimum. In this condition the person is relaxed but ready to accept and respond positively to any stimulus that may reach them.”

Research now confirms that brainwave rhythms correspond to certain states of consciousness, and this suggests that individuals capable of altering their brainwave patterns can have significant control over other mental and physiological functioning.

As Elmer and Alice Green of the famous Menninger Institute first reported in the mid-70’s, “…simply causing your brain to generate theta activity for a few minutes each day seems to have enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system, enhancing creativity, and triggering integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being.”

Even more astonishing are the findings of a study conducted on a group of chronic alcoholics at a University in Colorado. After 13 weeks the group that learned to generate theta and alpha brainwaves, showed a far greater recovery rate, and a complete transformation of personality.

Hypnotherapy Alters Brainwaves

Hypnotherapy is a 25,000 year old Chinese art that clinically allows people to alter their own “alpha/theta” brain frequencies and assist individuals to quit smoking.

What exactly is stop smoking hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is where the Hypnotherapist only uses words to talk directly with and to your nervous system to allow your own nervous system to re-program yourself at your nervous systems level of operation to assist you in becoming a non-smoker.

There are zero side effects. It is 100% safe and effective. It is all-natural. It is often done in 2 or 4 sessions. Depending on how good the Hypnotherapist is and/or the creator of the audio hypnotherapy stop smoking program.

Not only do hypnotherapy stop smoking techniques make changes to your physical dependencies towards smoking, it also erases all emotional issues relating to smoking. This frees up your body and mind to easily and effortlessly let go of smoking permanently.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science of how language affects our lives. Neuro-Linguistic Programming known as (NLP) has a 97% success rate in assisting individuals to permanently quit smoking.

This field is so far reaching and powerful that since the creation of NLP in 1973 any books written about Hypnotherapy have included some material about the field of NLP in them.

Basically most of the skills used in NLP are the same or similar to many hypnotherapy exercises and techniques.

Combining both hypnotherapy stop smoking techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, have demonstrated to be the best way to quit smoking in my clinic and with my colleagues.

These two combined techniques, by far produce the most effective method ever invented to assist individuals to permanently quit smoking with over a 97.2% success rate in 1 to 2 sessions.

I hope this helps you in uncovering the mystery in evaluating stop smoking hypnosis. If you want to ease your smoking habit, seek out a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.hT) and Master NLP Practitioner or a good audio stop smoking program created by one.

Jarret Kray specializes in helping real people quit smoking for life within 42 minutes with his NLP & Stop Smoking Hypnosis Product. To stop smoking today, visit: http://www.stop-smoking-today.com

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