EFT Works For a Range of Applications

It is not an understatement at all when someone says that the only thing that can limit the application of EFT is one’s imagination. EFT as a pioneering method of healing or therapy has a huge range of applications.

Practitioners of EFT worldwide including psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and other experts on emotional and mental disorders or difficulties have been using EFT on numerous different personal issues as well as physical disorders with mental and emotional elements.

EFT experts however caution that people should always use common sense when using EFT to treat people. There are self-treatment techniques, but these need to be taught to you by a license professional. You cannot just download a software application, watch a video or, read a book and then you can claim to be an EFT practitioner. EFT does not operate like that. There are laws that prevent just any person from treating patients or people with disorders.

EFT works for just about any disorder, ailment, difficulty or, condition but it does not work for just about anyone though. EFT respects the fact that every human being is unique and that every person is made up of a complex system of mental, emotional, physiological, spiritual, social, and physical functions. Morever, every individual is influenced by outside forces or factors such as his or her family, friend, work, environment, and society at large. Thus, using EFT or other methods for that matter can have a bearing on not only the person involved but can cause ripples to his or her home and work environments or systems. There should be a balance among all these functionalities and factors.

In general though, EFT works for people from all walks of life and from all ages, teenagers to adults or even children. EFT has already helped countless of people with wide-ranging conditions linked with emotions such as anxiety, stress, depression, anger, frustration, mild fears, deep-seated phobias, traumas, personality disorders, grief, guilt, disillusionment, hatred, among others.

EFT for children has in fact been considered as a great parenting aid. Although its application needs more thorough understanding, its results are well worth it as most parents would agree. EFT experts cite also that using the techniques on children are far easier in fact. Children, who have lighter emotional burdens or ‘baggage’, are more responsive to EFT. Children are more expressive, thus they are freer with their emotions. In short, they do not have any hang-ups yet.

EFT’s applications and benefits however are not confined to easing people’s emotional burdens or so-called ‘baggage’. EFT also works for improving one’s health, quality of life, relationships and, professional performance among others. EFT works for attaining freedom from deep-seated addictions, minor craving such as chocolate, overcoming sleep disorders or even insomnia, fears such as speaking in public, overcoming phobias as well as traumas, and the list goes on and on.

EFT, as experts cite, works best in emotion-related difficulties and disorders. In such cases, EFT has a high success rate of between 80 per cent and 100 per cent in exceptional cases. EFT has truly become a remarkable and effective alternative to conventional methods of psycho-therapy. EFT, with its simplistic and holistic approach, has also dispelled the stigma attached on seeking professional help for emotional and mental disorders.

EFT often provides relief for a very wide range of emotional,health and performance issues. To find out how EFT could help you make use of this free downloadable eft DVDs and eft training materials guides available.

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