The Power of Letting Go Via Hypnotherapy Home Study Course

When dealing with personal demons and inner struggles, the hardest part is letting go. Admitting defeat and completely closing a dark chapter of our lives have always been a painful thing to deal with. WE JUST CAN’T LET GO!

Self hypnosis instruction, hypnotherapy and hypnosis training programs all aim to strengthen the bond between our physical and inner selves. However the true mark of a really effective hypnotherapy home study course is how it teaches the user to take control of his/her emotions and simply let go.

Letting go doesn’t mean you just forget, ignore or bulldoze over your thoughts and feelings. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis training teaches us that letting go is actually all about facing the situation and releasing our pent up feelings. This involves “expressing” our feelings rather than “re-pressing” them. This means opening up, voicing our feelings and letting them out, rather than denying them, holding onto them and pushing them down into our body.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis training also makes us realize that expressing our feelings doesn’t mean blurting them out any time, anywhere, whenever we feel something. It means being aware of our feelings and accepting them, so we can express them at an appropriate time, in a safe, private place (when we’re alone).

A good hypnotherapy and hypnosis training also requires us to learn how to self-internalize so we could absorb valuable lessons from the whole experience. Getting answers is the first and only step in coming out a better person from a bad event.

One of the better hypnotherapy home study course programs I’ve tried taught me quite a few tricks to make me more comfortable when letting go of an intense feeling inside. I’m sharing them with you to give you a better way to weigh the worth of various self hypnosis instruction programs on the net:

1) Visualizing: Imagine all your negative thoughts and feelings, packed tightly into a small stuffy room. Picture yourself opening a window in that room, and allowing a fresh, spring breeze to enter and carry all your old emotional baggage away.

2) Pillow Punching: For 10 minutes beat up a pillow or a punch bag. Go on. really hit, punch or kick it! Sob, shout or scream into it! Let it all go! Relax quietly for 10 minutes.

3) Making a phone call: Pick up your phone and unplug it! Then have an imaginary phone conversation with someone you are upset with. Express what you want to say to them and what you would like them to say to you.

4) Writing a letter: Write a letter to someone you are upset with! Write what you want to say to them and what you would like them to say back to you. Put the letter in an imaginary mailbox, then take it out, read it, burn it and let it all go!

5) Drawing it out: Draw your feelings on paper! Paint the experience using shapes, colors and words! When you’ve finished, talk to your picture or scream, cry, sing, dance or laugh..and let go!

These are great self hypnosis techniques that have helped me create the type of person I am now – content and happy. If you’re on the lookout for a good hypnotherapy home study course, it’s not a bad idea to try and see if the one you’ve set your sights on has the same techniques I mentioned above. If it is, then you’ve got yourself a winner.

Expressing yourself and letting go is energizing, rejuvenating and inspiring! Releasing the old thoughts and feelings opens the gateway to new creativity and joy! You may notice that once you have expressed your true feelings and really let go of all your emotional baggage, you will not only feel lighter and younger, but also more alive and at ease!

Jec Gonzales is just a random guy lucky enough to discover body and mind wellness thru hypnotherapy home study course.

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