Motivational Courses Using Life Coaching Hypnotherapy And NLP Part 3/3

In my St Albans Motivation Courses, I offer Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation that allows unconscious changes to be made easily. NLP stands for Neuro linguistic programming, which are different techniques and strategies to help you communicate more effectively to yourself and others, and have greater control over your emotional state. Life coaching is a means of establishing where you are now, where you want to be in the future and setting up goals or steps that will help you to get to wherever it is that you want to be. Once someone has decided upon their course of action, they may want to stick with that (so decide to only use St Albans Course for Hypnotherapy) or to use a combination of the different therapeutic interventions to gain maximum advantage.

Almost all one to one sessions are £65.00. Quit smoking sessions are £120.00 and that particular session is a one off session with 6 months support, during which time you can come back for free if you need to. St Albans quit smoking courses have an 85% success rate with one session, a 98% success rate with 2 sessions and 100% success rate with 3 sessions. All of the St Albans quit smoking sessions are conducted using hypnotherapy.

During the St Albans Motivation Courses of treatment, I recommend between 2 and 6 sessions, but it really is individual. What I say to the people I treat is “You will I when you feel better. Then you can tell me.” I always think that the individual is the best judge of how they are feeling, more than I am, so if you want more sessions you can have more, if you want one and come back for top ups every now and again, that that is fine too. The key is to have flexibility and find out how St Albans Motivation Courses will work for you.

Of course, it is not just adults that have lack of motivation problems. Children can feel a lack of motivation too. That I why I am very pleased to announce that St Albans Motivation Courses, will be discounted to £55.00 for children. Prior to qualifying as a hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and life coach, I worked as a nursery nurse (NNEB) for over 10 years. This means I have full Criminal Records Bureau Clearance, along with my insurance and many years experience with children and young people. If you have a child who has issues with their levels of motivation, it is a good idea to have this problem treated as soon as possible. Of course some motivational problems can be due to life circumstances, such as during the teenage years, and these sorts of problems will usually pass, however there are other times when it is worth seeking further help, particularly if the child is:

1) Aged under 12 years and not feeling motivated

2) Due to be taking important exams

3) Has had an emotional trauma, such as a loss in the family, divorce or illness.

Allowing these sorts of issues to remain un resolved can have an impact on that child’s future and later life. I can shape the direction they choose to take in life, as well as shape their beliefs about people and how to react in stressful situation.

Gemma Bailey is a motivation method therapist who uses NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life coaching to make Life Changes. visit

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