Insomnia Free With Eft

Would you like a ‘secret’ friend to help you overcome your insomnia?

Let me tell you about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is one of the most highly effective, energy-healing processes available to us today. It is a very easy method to open up blocked energy channels in our bodies. It is important to understand the basic principles of EFT, so that you can easily apply the process to your sleep issues. EFT can be used as a pre-bed activity or can be implemented if you wake up during the night and have difficulty going back to sleep.

But first, let’s develop a general understanding about the process itself. As you are aware, the human body has a tremendous amount of energy flowing through it along the energy meridians. The understanding is that when energy is blocked in one of these systems, it can have a direct physiological effect and can cause any number of illnesses, pains, negative emotions, feelings and behaviors. None of this is comfortable, nor do we want this discomfort to remain in our bodies.

EFT is a very simple process that can effectively alleviate, mitigate or remove these energy blockages in many circumstances. The EFT process is easy to learn and to remember. You physically use your fingertips to tap on the body’s energy meridians (acupoints) thereby opening the energy channels and clearing the energy blockage. You can view the actual tapping points at Honestly, it takes about 1 – 2 minutes to gently tap each of these acupoints about 5 to 7 times each. This process is very quick to do and often is amazingly successful. It is a painless form of acupuncture, which the Chinese and other eastern cultures have been using for over 5000 years to heal any number of maladies.

The founder of EFT is Gary Craig. EFT has been in existence since 1995. There are literally thousands upon thousands of case studies chronicling its effectiveness for healing and eliminating many negative and painful issues in our lives that bother us whether emotional, psychological or physiological – sleep is just one of these issues. As Gary Craig says, try it on everything. You can visit his extensive web site at – Here you will find a wealth of information, excellent instructional CD’s and DVD’s, as well as wide-ranging testimonials on the effectiveness of using EFT for what ails you, including insomnia.

Thinking you must solve a problem now can cause many wakeful hours. If you are worrying about a current problem and attempting to find a solution to alleviate the problem, this situation can be frequently “taken to bed”, which further feeds your insomnia.

Anxiety is a real sleep-depriver. Perhaps you are dwelling on an anxiety-producing situation like dealing with a sick family member, a recent death, marital problem, maintaining your job, or some dominant health or business issue. When these anxiety-producing thoughts surface before going to bed or during the night, write them down.

Your subconscious is extremely powerful. If you turn your issues over to your subconscious, many creative solutions will present themselves. It is well known that many famous inventions have originated during sleep or while the inventor is in the theta wave state. The issue(s) causing your insomnia may be hidden deeply in your subconscious. EFT can be an excellent too to use to uncover whatever you’ve buried.

Let me give you an example. One night while awake with thoughts running rampant, I found myself thinking incessantly about what I was going to wear the next day. The clothing options played over and over in my mind. Even when I’d made a mental choice, I still couldn’t seem to let go of the mental chatter. Two days later I had a session with an EFT specialist to probe deeper into this wakefulness. When asked what I’d thought about during this extended wake-up period, I explained my relentless thoughts about what to wear, which in hindsight was ridiculous as I have lots of clothes that I look good in. So why did these thoughts keep me awake? It all boiled down to my perfectionism. And why did I need to be perfect? With some probing, I realized it all stemmed from wanting to please my parents. Wow! Did that ever go back a long way. We tapped on this perceived (and unrealistic) need to be perfect.

That was a number of months ago since this writing. I just realized that this particular subconscious issue has not returned even during any minor wake–up. You just simply may not know what is buried ~ how deep ~ and how far back it goes.

You can do EFT on your own, however sometimes, when the issues run deeper, a skilled practitioner can lead you to uncovering the issue quite quickly.

Practicing EFT

There are basically 3 easy ways to practice EFT:

1. On your own

2. Tapping along with Gary Craig’s CD/DVD’s.

3. Tapping with an EFT specialist.

Sometimes, getting to the heart of the matter requires another set of eyes and ears.

You know by now that you create your daytime reality. Let EFT help you create a positive nighttime reality. In general, EFT is a remarkable healing process. It can reduce or totally eliminate stress and emotions resulting from stressful events. The result? You sleep more restfully.

Author and Sleep Coach, Glenda Sparling, can help you address and overcome the challenges you face around sleep issues and insomnia. Glenda has authored the e-book, The Spirit of Sleep,. offers effective natural tools, techniques and behaviors for eliminating sleep anxiety and insomnia. Read the book’s Introduction: The”>”>The Spirit of Sleep – Introduction.

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