Hypnotherapy training – working with weight management issues


This script is designed to help hypnotherapists work with clients who are experiencing weight management issues. In using this resource please remember that clients are individuals and you should always tailor your sessions to meet their specific needs. As you build your practice, try not to rely on scripts but instead use them as a way of stimulating ideas and experimenting with language. Attending a well-recognized hypnotherapy course is a good way to develop a wide range of skills & expertise.

Weight management script

At the bottom of the staircase there is a door… and I don’t know what colour the door is, or whether the handle is brass or wooden… because this is your door. As you reach out and touch the handle… now… perhaps you can already begin to feel just how warm it is… and you can allow yourself to let that warmth spread from your fingertips… along your arm… and over your body… feeling, now, that something important lies beyond this door. You can pause for a moment to enjoy this sensation… and now opening the door, just a little… letting your eyes adjust to the warming light beyond… and as your eyes begin to adjust, you can find yourself… in a long corridor… with full-length mirrors mounted along the entire length of its walls… and I don’t know if the walls are painted a particular colour, or whether the floor here is carpeted or wooden… because this is your corridor. Walking slowly past the first mirror you can see now how distorts a part of your body… and now… moving past the second mirror… that too distorts a different part of your body… and you can continue along the corridor… now… noticing the way each mirror gives a different reflection of you. Continuing along the corridor… perhaps you can see one mirror in particular… one that looks different somehow… perhaps the frame is a different colour… or pattern… and as you look at it now… you’re aware of that warmth over your body once more. This is the mirror you have been looking for. You can walk to that mirror now… and as you stand in front of it you can see the reflection of your ideal self… looking the way you want to look… thinking the way you want to think… feeling the way you want to feel… behaving the way you want to behave. And your reflection is smiling back at you. As she holds out her hands… you can take a step forward… into the mirror… and suddenly you’re in the mirror… inside your ideal self… looking through her eyes… you can look down and see your ideal self… looking the way you want to look… and how wonderful it feels… to feel the way you want to feel… and you can smile at your old self… who now smiles back at you from the corridor. There’s another door to the side of you… and behind the door is the life you want to lead. Perhaps it’s a situation you have imagined… or a perfect place to be your ideal self. You can go there now… opening the door… and stepping through. And you can take all the time you need to really experience yourself… looking the way you want to look… thinking the way you want to think… feeling the way you want to feel… behaving the way you want to behave. Genuine… authentic… feeling the wonderful calmness that comes with being yourself. And in your own time you can step back through the door… back to the reflection of your old self… and describe to her the things you have seen… the way you have felt… and the things she must now do… the commitments she must make… the strength that she must have… to reach this place. You can allow yourself to reach out now… embrace your old self… and feel the warmth of the special bond you share. Stepping into the corridor now… you can be surprised that as you look through the eyes of your old self again… your thoughts… your feelings… your behaviour remains as though you are your ideal self. And just as the memory of this experience will stay with you long after you leave this place… so too will you continue to think… to feel… and to behave as your ideal self… with all the strength… all the commitment you need… to do what you need to do.

If you are thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist please take time to research the type of accreditation and quality of tuition you will receive. Attending a well-recognised hypnotherapy training course is essential if you want to ensure you are safe and competent to practice.

Kevin Hutchinson is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and life coach. He runs a private practice in Northern England and is Principal Trainer for the intensive hypnotherapy course at the UKTrainingAcademy, providing hypnotherapy training in Cumbria and Mallorca. Kevin has a background in management consultancy and now divides his time between private clients and corporate assignments.

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