Hypnotherapy Home Study Course for Boosting Confidence

Hypnotherapy home study course is one of the hottest trends today. Even popular figures (like Matt Damon and Tiger Woods) have expressed their own fascination with the benefits they get from their own hypnotherapy home study course programs. Multinational corporations such as IBM, Microsoft and Coca Cola have also enrolled their people on hypnotherapy home study course to boost their confidence and productivity.

All these stand testament to the benefits of learning self hypnosis from a credible source.

Man have always look for ways to grow and evolution has been our survival’s main driving force. It is therefore no surprise that a lot of us are now turning to various methods looking for ways to “evolve” and to go beyond the competition. Physical dominance is enough for the cave men during their time, but in today’s ultra-competitive field we must all learn how to develop our inner strength to maintain an edge. That’s practically why more and more people are looking for ways to boost confidence, develop more focus, and fortify inner resilience to pressure and challenges.

These factors set the stage for self development thru self hypnosis. Initially we had the time to take part in actual classes and sessions, but as mentioned above time is a luxury most people don’t have prompting many clinical hypnosis practitioners to create hypnotherapy home study course programs tailored to fit the current always-on-the-go social trend.

One of the best hypnotherapy home study course I tried was from Dr. Brian Alman (considered by many as a pillar of clinical hypnosis industry). To avoid having this article labeled as a shameless plug, I’ll keep my thoughts regarding his hypnotherapy home study course programs to myself and instead focus on Dr. Alman’s beliefs and insights.

According to Dr. Alman, the root of humankind’s current detachment from the inner self goes deeper than most of us think, and that the reason most people are now yearning for inner growth is because our inner selves are also yearning to empower us. Restlessness, worrying, the feeling of emptiness are all signs we’re missing our inner half, and that our own inner self is missing us.

Confidence and self-esteem are among the inner power hardest to gain, why is that? Dr. Alman uses these to prove his point.

Why is it that some of us are confident and some of us are not? Why is it we feel secure with some aspects of our life and some people, yet not others? And why is it we doubt our ability to accomplish things or our decisions, whether it be choosing the color of a new T-shirt or deciding which job to go for?

If you have feelings of self-doubt or in some way lack self-confidence, don’t worry, you are not alone! These feelings seem to drift over all of us from time to time, like a dense, damp fog! But why is that? One of the reasons is that most of us as children heard many more “no’s” than “yes'”, many more “don’ts” than “do’s”, so subsequently, most of us as adults, find it much easier to put ourselves down than accept ourselves as we are.

Having had our heads filled, at such an impressionable age, with so many directives, instructions, opinions and criticisms, we feel unsure how to make decisions for ourselves, or we feel that the way we do things is somehow “not quite right” or “not good enough”. As a result, we learn to depend on others to tell us how we’re doing, whether we’re doing well or whether our appearance is alright. Thus, our view of ourself becomes outer-directed; our self-image, self-esteem and levels of competence, become dependent on those around us.

Essentially, as long as we depend on others to boost our confidence, we will continue to be tossed around by the waves of opinion. Maturity means starting to consult ourself instead of looking to others for approval. It means deciding our own levels of competence and formulating our own self-image by looking within, rather than looking to others outside of us to determine our self-esteem. It means measuring ourself with ourself to find our own personal best, rather than comparing ourself to others. And it involves setting aside all the old patterns of behavior we have previously followed and learning new scripts instead.

The fundamental keys to dropping self-doubt are self-exploration, self-reliance and self-trust. It’s all about being your own counselor, being your own support team, and encouraging and rewarding yourself for jobs well done. It’s about you depending on you, to tell yourself how attractive, capable, and accomplished you are.

Regaining self-confidence also involves being honest with yourself, about realistically assessing your capacities and limitations, which means not just blocking out negative comments from others, but looking at your very own negative self-talk. Self-confidence is not about being arrogant, conceited or having an inflated ego, it’s simply about accepting, supporting and loving yourself.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to Dr. Alman’s observations, then you’ve taken your first step towards inner growth thru self hypnosis. If you’re reading up to this point, then it might be a good idea to take part on your own chosen hypnotherapy home study course.

Jec Gonzales is a random guy lucky enough to get exposed to the wonders of body and mind wellness thru hypnotherapy home study course.

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