Hypnotherapy for Procrastination – Just Another Time Waster!

I know some hypnotherapists will **** me for saying this but hypnotherapy for procrastination is a total waste of time! I am sorry to those that believe this but people who procrastinate will look for any way to overcome their problem without them having to do anything about it and being hypnotized to suddenly transform your habits, fears, and poor time management is just another way to procrastinate and waste your time.

Every products or service involving hypnotism promises the world but delivers very little; it is a placebo for the gullible, the new magic pill cure for any modern “disease” you can name.

There are no easy solutions to breaking habits and stopping procrastination, instead you must take practical steps to change your lifestyle and the way you do things starting with developing good time management and often ending up looking deep within yourself and finding subconscious fears and barriers that need to be broken down before you can really achieve the life you want.

Here is a small list of common reasons for procrastination that you can see need more than hypnotherapy to overcome.

Fear of failure – Why try when you might fail!

Fear of success – I can’t handle the responsibility of success!

Poor time management skills – I just can’t find time to do anything!

Lack of direction in life – I don’t know where to put my efforts!

Lack of priorities – Smoking pot is so much more important than studying!

laziness – I just can’t be bothered …

Do you think a man with a candle or a swinging watch can solve these problems?

So please leave the hypnotherapy for procrastination in a dusty old box next to other quackery like leeching blood, shock therapy and exorcism and get real with your attempts to better yourself!

If you want practical ways to overcome any of the problems listed above then click below to find out real solutions to real problems without hypnotism or anything else that claims can solve all your problems without YOU putting in effort.

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