How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Skin Problems and Skin Conditions

Our largest and most visible organ is the skin.

It is the boundary, the interface between our physical self and all that is beyond that self.

Because of this, our skin is also one of the main areas – along with the digestive tract – that an emotional call for help is registered.

In fact, though skin problems and skin conditions may indeed have a physical origin, they also very often have a distinct psychological component too.

Rashes, reddening, inflamation, soreness and pimples, eczema, pruritus or itching, psoriasis, acne – all are indications that something inside needs readjusting and rebalancing. And this can be and frequently is psychological and emotional in nature.

The first thing to do with any persistent skin problem, of course, is to visit your doctor in order to make sure that it is not a symptom of something more serious.

Yet what remains if you have already done this and still the condition persists? What if you have already tried the potions and lotions, the ointments and creams, the steroids and antibiotics and the UV treatments – and still there is no improvement?

Well then maybe it is time to look a little deeper inside.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, angry, guilty, resentful, upset? Might there perhaps be some underlying emotional factor at work here?

Though the skin problem may indeed have its origins in the physical – a viral or bacterial infection, for example – why is it that our own immune system appears to be incapable of dealing with it?

We know that the skin is on display wherever we go. It’s there as we interact with our world and with everything in it. And because of this, we are more acutely aware of skin outbreaks and eruptions than we might otherwise be.

When skin problems persist for any length of time and they fail to respond to conventional treatment, then we need to look elsewhere.

We might be wise to at least consider whether the feeling that we have lost control over our skin – of the way we interact and interface with the world – might possibly be an accurate relection of what is actually happening insde.

We need to consider whether our skin may be reacting to the way we react to our self – or to our life.

If this is the case, then an excellent way to tackle the problem is through advanced therapeutic hypnotherapy.

After all, it is the unconscious mind that controls the autonomic nervous system and the many processes that affect and influence the immune system. And hypnosis works hand in hand with the autonomic nervous system.

With properly applied advanced therapeutic hypnotherapy, once the actual origins of the internal imbalance have been treated and neutralized, the individual is then taught visualisation techniques that can calm and quell the symptoms of such imbalance – the skin problems themselves.

Using the advanced techniques of modern transformational hypnotherapy, the individual’s subconscious mind is helped to re-balance and readjust internal functioning.

In expert hands, hypnotherapy can be really effective in gaining relief from many skin problems and skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, pruritus and even warts.

Skillfully applied advanced hypnotherapy can greatly assist you, helping you to improve your skin and returning you to your birthright – clear, glowing, problem-free skin with which to greet the world.

Peter Field is a leading British hypnotherapist, with busy clinics in both Birmingham and London, England. He is the author of numerous articles on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health; a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. For more of his interesting articles, helpw with skin conditions and other helpful information, please visit his website: Peter Field Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

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