How Hypnotherapy Can Ease Even The Most Severe Headache

s experience headaches from time to time. Usually they just fade away after a fairly brief period and then they are gone, with no real damage done. Chronic headaches, however, ones that recur with regularity can really interfere with our healthy functioning, affecting our relationships and work life and seriously compromising us in so many areas of our existence. It’s important to remember that if a severe headache lasts for 24 hours or more, or if it is accompanied by vomiting or blurred vision, then you need to visit your doctor immediately. Generally speaking, there are two different kinds of headache – tension and cluster. (Migraine is something more than a headache and will be treated in a seperate article.) Speaking from a strictly medical perspective, the actual cause of both these types of headache is unknown. Often though, tension headaches are exactly what the name suggests. They seem to be triggered by stress and tension, anxiety, depression and emotional discomfort. Poor posture can also play a part in the onset of this kind of headache, as can really bright light, food sensitivities, menstrual periods and even the weather. Painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen can often help with the milder kind of headache, but the body can easily become habituated to these pharmaceuticals, greatly reducing their effectiveness. Also, withdrawal headaches can occur when these substances are withdrawn. Cluster headaches also sometimes appear to be triggered by such things as alcohol, odours and changes in temperature. Of course, they can just as simply appear with no clear and apparent reason at all. This particular kind of headache just doesn’t respond well to over the counter medication. Drugs available on a doctor’s prescription include Sumatriptan and Ergotamine, but these powerful pharmaceuticals, like most others, can have considerable side-effects. How much better it would be if we were able to access our own inner ability to manage headaches, rather than having to depend on some external chemical substance for relief. And it is here that modern hypnotherapy can be or real assistance and value. With expertly delivered modern hypnotherapy your own subconscious mind can be taught to manage headaches without recourse to external medications and drugs. Through advanced transformational hypnotherapy you can learn how to turn any headache into an insubstantial mist that can simply be exhaled and dissipated, leaving you free to continue your day with a clear mind. In hypnosis you can learn to recognise the headache triggers before they occur – and then do something about them. You can learn to reverse the process that actually generates the headache, thereby putting you in control and fully empowering you. Headaches really don’t need to ruin your day or control your enjoyment of it. With the right kind of hypnotherapy you can draw a line under the pain and inconvenience of headaches and get on with your life.

Peter Field is a leading British hypno-psychotherapist with clinics in London and Birmingham, UK. He is a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and Fellow of the Royal Society of Health and. More of his absorbing articles and other useful information may be found on his website: Peter Field Hypnotherapy UK

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