How can an asthmatic benefit from hypnotherapy?

Asthma is a lung disease that affects over 470,000 people in Ireland to a greater or lesser degree. While there are many theories as to why this is, the most likely causes are either changes in our environment, or else changes in the way our bodies react to the environment.

To date, the medical response to asthma has largely been the prescribing of inhalers and other medications to control the asthma symptoms. And while this approach is vitally necessary, it places an over-emphasis on the body’s role in the asthmatic attack.

Some of the triggering factors with asthma may be learned. What I mean by this is that a person may associate, for instance, stress, with having an asthma attack. Panic and anxiety are well known to increase the severity of asthma attacks, and it is perfectly natural for the person who is having breathing difficulties to feel a certain amount of fear (‘Am I going to die because I can’t breathe?’). These learned tiggers and anxiety based reactions can be helped by hypnotherapy.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist from Cork in Ireland and I can help the asthmatic in a number of ways

I can help you to retrain your breathing to use nasal breathing techniques I can help your subconscious mind to understand that some of it’s triggers are learned and maybe no longer relevant. I can help you to gain control over your asthma attack and to replace feelings of fear with feelings of calm and control. In some cases, I can help you to understand the reasons for the onset of your asthma. This can help some people to overcome their asthma completely


Please note, I would always work in conjunction with your GP or asthma specialist and would never recommend to a client that they stop or reduce their asthma medication. My clients safety is my uppermost concern, and I would suggest that you should keep this in mind whatever hypnotherapist you decide to consult in your local area. A reputable hypnotherapist would never suggest any change to your medication.

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