EFT, Your Key To Transforming The Quality Of Your Life

For many, EFT is a term either that is vaguely familiar or possibly this is the first time you have heard about it. EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is part of a group of techniques that deal with energy – quite specifically our body’s energy and one way in which it may be used is to relieve stress which exerts a negative energy on the body.

We are all energy and are created from energy. Everything around you is made of energy. If you were to look at your hand through a very powerful microscope, you would actually see down through the layers of skin and muscle, down into the arteries and veins, into the blood, the cells, and eventually get down to the molecular level where you would actually be viewing each individual electron, proton, all evolving around and emitting energy. We are all created from energy and are living in a world filled with and created by energy.

We learned in high school chemistry that atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter. There is nothing new about this. We also know that atoms are made of ENERGY in the form of positive and negative electrical charges. This is an undisputed FACT. Einstein emphasized this point with the Theory of Relativity formula: Energy + Mass times the speed of light squared, which simply means that ALL physical matter, including our bodies, is MADE OF ENERGY. This simple fact is one of the most universally agreed upon findings in the scientific world. It is accepted as well as the law of gravity.

But Western conventional medical science has ignored it. The human body continues to be treated as simply a container filled with parts and chemicals. So, the medical methods that are generally used to treat us involve the repair or replacement of our body parts (by surgery) and the “correction” of our chemistry through the use of other chemicals into our system in the manner of drugs. Techniques such as EFT can play a major role in the medical community in keeping people healthy when combined with current practices.

The energy system of the human body was nicely mapped out over 4,500 years ago by the Chinese and that map was so accurate that it is still in use today. Combining the two, western and eastern medicines would most certainly yield magnificent results for the patient. As a matter of fact, in the United States, these worlds began to merge a little over 20 years ago by Dr. Roger Callahan, a psychologist who had become dissatisfied with the results of traditional talk therapy.

Dr. Callahan combined western ideas with eastern methods and designed a unique but rather complex and involved therapy using the traditional acupuncture points – but without the needles. This was the beginning of TFT or Thought Field Therapy. One of his early students, Gary Craig, a personal performance coach, ordained minister and Stanford engineering graduate, felt Dr. Callahan’s technique, though brilliant and yielding great results, was quite lengthy and awkward to learn. So Gary began to experiment with Dr. Callahan’s TFT, making adaptations here and there, and after much trial and persistence, Gary was able to refine and shorten Dr. Callahan’s TFT, evolving it down into the technique we now know as EFT.

Emotinal Freedom Techniques is based on the ancient art of acupuncture and uses many of the same energy meridians or energy sensitive points on our body that have been used in traditional acupuncture for over 4,500 years only instead of activating these meridians or points with needles, we activate them through a series of gentle tapping while focusing on a specific problem or issue.

In general there are about 70 of these meridians or specific points on the skin, which can be stimulated for distinct effects and can be used to treat a multitude of negative emotions and conditions. In Emotional Freedom Techniques, we primarily use nine. EFT often works where other programs or techniques have failed. It works quickly, easily, and painlessly which is part of what makes it so magnificent.

It has been determined by Gary Craig, the developer and founder of EFT, that the cause of all negative emotions is due to a disruption in our body’s energy system. In other words’ take this scenario: you experience a troubling event which creates a memory. This event causes an emotion which creates an energy disturbance which leads to a self defeating emotional response.

EFT neutralizes the negative emotion causing the disruption to your energy system, removing its effects and in doing so realigns your energy system so that energy may once again flow freely through all meridians. The EFT procedure works to retrain your subconscious to enable it to recall the memory or issue without the emotional attachment. This allows you to think clearly, rationally and logically which is much more productive and positive. Then, when you recall the issue or memory again, you may do so without the previous emotional response.

EFT works on a host of issues and problems. As Gary Craig says, “Try it on everything”. Personally, I have not found anything yet that has not responded to EFT. It is possible to: relieve pain with EFT, to relieve stress with EFT, reduce or relieve anxiety with EFT, and even use EFT for weight loss. This energy technique also works for positive issues such as increased motivation, increasing personal or professional performance, and you can improve academics with EFT as well. The sky is the limit so to speak.

I love the rapid results my clients receive and they love learning this powerful, life changing tool because once they learn it, they have the ability to manage issues such as fear, pain, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, resentment, doubt, low self-esteem, sadness, jealousy or other negative emotions as they come up during the day by themselves. It truly is empowering and that is one of the qualities I admire most about EFT.

Once you understand how to use this dynamic tool, you become empowered and better able to have the quality of life or business you desire.

Judith A. Wentzel, CTACC, EFT-ADV, Life Coach, Personal Performance Coach, specializing in EFT, educates, liberates, & empowers clients, enabling them to skyrocket their life or business. Shift your life from fine to FANTASTIC! www.EFT-Coaching-Consulting.com

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