EFT Works For Traumas

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT are particularly effective in emotion-related conditions or physical difficulties indirectly or directly linked to emotions like stress and anxiety. In fact, it is cited that the success rate of EFT when dealing with emotional conditions is not less than 80 percent or almost 100 percent. Thus, it is highly effective in treating various types of traumas.

Trauma relief is one of the earliest applications of EFT. In fact, EFT founder himself Gary Craig who developed the techniques in the early 1990s believe that when all else fails in trauma relief, EFT is the cure. Traumas can be a consequence of death of a loved one, post-traumatic stress disorder, accidents, abuse, violence, war, among many more.

Traumas are deep-seated emotions, thus EFT can address the root causes and provide relief. Traumatic events or situations can paralyzed a person’s whole being. These produce a high level of stress, anxiety and, fear that if not treated will dominate a person’s consciousness. Traumatized people do not function normally because traumatic events grip their minds, which play back the unfortunate events over and over again until their whole consciousness is occupied.

One of the things we appreciate most is EFT’s versatility. When you have mastered the skills, it is almost like having superpowers. You will have tools that you can use in just about any situation. For instance, if you are going into an important meeting or interview and feel anxious or afraid, you can just sit in your car or duck quickly into the restroom an do some EFT. It works wonders and doesn’t require any special equipment, so you can use it virtually anywhere.

In fact, that is where conventional or traditional methods of trauma therapies fail, since these relive the traumatic events or situations over and over again in the patient’s mind. Most of the time, this have counterproductive effects. EFT, on the other hand, zeroes in on the pain associated with the trauma itself rather than the events that caused it. This makes the process of recovery from the trauma speedier.

EFT teaches traumatized persons to detach themselves from their traumatic experiences. Thus, they start viewing the whole thing in a more impersonal manner. They become desensitized from the emotions or pain associated with the traumatic experiences or events. EFT provides people with techniques or tools that they can quickly turn to or utilize when traumatic thoughts creep in. These prevent panic attacks from setting in.

As a trauma relief, EFT is a faster route, as many people would testify. There are instances when only one EFT session is needed. People can immediately experience the benefits or relief. There are even techniques, which people can do on their own, without the need for an EFT expert.

As cited earlier, EFT provides lasting and permanent relief, even for traumas. So after a successful EFT therapy or sessions, traumatized people are delivered from symptoms of trauma such nightmares, insomnia, disturbed sleep, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, among other negative manifestations.

EFT has a high success rate with Trauma and Abuse issues, especially when applied to specific events. A simple intervention that acts rapidly, often within minutes. Be healthy for lifetime, rollover this eft dvd and meet your eft practitioner.

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