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love, you can use a bank account for the removal of various obstacles and experiences of other important people in our lives of those who love the unity and acceptance. We are partners, children, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. Less / p of> Before explaining this process could be here talking about this

love, I love you too high, we are a loving person to be successful thus Accept yourself for when you want to highlight the need to engage in the same process. The biggest hurdle for us to love us, actions and expressions of others, because it is our own self-doubt can help our fears about our self-esteem This is true. We lose our love towards them. Less / p of> the

So we can also work the first bank to use to remove most obstacles to self-esteem. For more information about the problem, see the previous chapters. Less / p to> work on relations with EFT There are other chapters

: less than / p of>

EFT with EFT EFT-esteem and a failure of communication between the original and False / p of>

We are less than / p to> find what you need to work on

1. Our first step, the behavior and personality traits we love in a relationship is to realize when you lose a sense of acceptance and oneness with other people. Less / p of>

Select the first man I want to be more stable and unconditional love you Å. Less / p of> the

B now, or annoy you, or its actions are away, or become defensive, to create a list of closing your mind. Less / p of> annoying behavior may be less than

/ p of>

below, we simplified some of the common reasons can lose a sense of unity and a love a list. In this situation we are in a bitter heart can hurt, anger, frustration, fear, jealousy, injustice, anger, rage, we are close to you or if it is defensive or offensive attack. Competitive and competitive) 1. Moreover, others do not match. 2. If we do not understand. 3. When we stopped to meet the needs of our needs. (You must accept, and the need for respect and self-esteem may be psychological) 4. When none of our business. 5. If you think you are superior. 6. We intend to control or suppress them. 7. When it comes to our critics. 8. When you tell lies and gossip about us. 9. When you hurt us or someone close to us. 10. When you have bad intentions and expectations. 11. They criticized the complaint and dissatisfaction, negative 12 cases. If they think they know everything. 13. We do not ask for advice. 14. It is the role of victim, “poor me” when you play a note. 15. They carry a share of the load or if they do not care for themselves. 16. If they were wrong. 17. When not keep their promises and plans. 18. When it is weak and dependent. 19. ignore the needs of others, selfish, selfish act our way to 20. When used in ourselves and others. 21. When it is cold and inactive. 22. When you are responsible. 23. This lazy 24.. If you ignore our needs. 25. When we deny. More than reasons____________________________ / P is>

Note: loving others, no matter if this means they are obliged to want to if you are unethical and improper behavior or not. We are also on affirmative action, we are faced with immense love can feel for them. This is actually evolved to be good for your soul. This is also with us It is important to our society as a whole. This can be understood under a lot of love must also adhere to the / p of>

and other behaviors that have now chosen to be close to the first job you want in a of them made the list. Less / p of> this failure is less than / p of> over

love for electronic payments is perceived as a failure or limitation on convictions can feel negative emotions, such as

. In the latter case, if possible, will be our focus, the better to create a feeling generated by this belief. Less / p of>

run a number and go to the problem starts from measuring to SUD. Less / p of> the alarm in

/ p of>

that we, or EFT, emotional, as we have adopted, we can work to change that is happening. If we get anything that would work, remember everything, but check out and return to the question of our own making down, if necessary. Less / p of>

feelings and beliefs in this key / p of>

I. Working with emotions, we must work in a particular way when other. Less / p of>

Å are on one side (or tap the side of the hand), repeat the phrase “the pain “three times, and please rub on the spot. Less / p of>

B opposite (click on one side or the other) pain, but then rubbed on the ground, the term ‘B’ repeated 3 times . Less / p from> the tap while we

C. Point 12 “C” please repeat the reminder phrase. Less / p of> the

A.1 it. I am (feeling), but felt _______ / (Restless our behavior) I love you deeply, because )_____________ ___________, _____( name of person. Or the first A.2. Nevertheless, until now (a feeling) when I feel _______ / _____ by )_____________( (name of person who will be the project) gave him / her home or doubts could cause (problems with air conditioning) to understand now ___________, / she behaves this way. Less / p of> me in this

B (emotions )______.

it is free (which I realize that my interest, acceptance, allow yourself, of course, necessary) and select.

C. Rimaindafurezu = ()____ feeling / for people with action) in / p in> the _____( name

These feelings can change, we will, and must be seen to cooperate with every emotion we. Usually, I feel anger, fear first, ouch The pain, guilt, shame, because I abuse and denial, self-care to hate please. That’s why you get for free from our anger is likely to be needed to address them. less / p in> other aspects of this of the

/ p in> While at work on a labor of love

release may need to avoid various issues as we have:. II feel that we are with these negative feelings about other facts. less / p of> to Shino Megumi is not that we want to

A.1. I (guilt, shame, self-denial, self-question), I still love _____________ / (but works when )___________, I love myself because I believe deeply that there is less ,______.> / o First

A.2. Nevertheless, until now I ___ (guilt, shame, self-denial, self-doubt) I still can not _____________ to be in love Therefore, when you feel / (though now their own actions to understand the feelings and reactions in )___________,. / p of>

B is (my emotional )______.

is free (which I realize that my interest, acceptance, for allowing himself, of course, necessary) and select.

C. Rimaindafurezu the = (less than unconditional emotion> )______ I _____ / p is not love, in other words

, we are even though we love him just like I want to love me. In my experience, “as we” move forward and improve yourself. under / p of> is that accepting yourself is a prerequisite for

Ⅲ. love less / p of> resistance to the open

please consider the following obstacles for the remainder of this love is open: We have less than a / p of> the

1. feel vulnerable, if we love the open, afraid of being hurt, preferring to keep a distance emotionally. 2. We have him / her he / she is the other organization and we do not have provide ideas can do anything. 3. We must first ask for forgiveness or wish to realize their mistakes, at least 4.. We also have relaxation and by fear of losing control over them. 5. We, and I “responsibility” to place the responsibility of dissatisfaction with our lives with another person who is 6.. Regardless, Justice and Ethics – – which we can not accept at all, love is wrong, we have this man as the wants or needs to be able to do anything I 7 .. We identified the role of victims, sore breasts, should be abused. 8. We are part of the examination, you must find the weaknesses of others 9.. We fear that we fear intimacy: the destruction of Å suppressed in B c. 10 wounded We, our lack of appropriate response from others may feel rejected. I fear that we fear that the love of expression. 11. We believe that love we have other options. 12. We seriously harms the person that they can overcome the bitterness. ___________________________

> If we, for our hearts to open, can not find a this resistance, we like the actions or experiences that are likely to see benefits for our childhood hurt us. less / p of>

If you’re at that point, we have strength “resistance” or “this apparent resistance “to find out what you can and generally does not work. under the / p of> variants of the following words to

That is correct. under the / p of>

but I A.1 (the feeling of resistance), love the idea of (name of person) is ______ / (action of), so it’s deep, deep love for less ______ ____________. / p of>

A.2 Despite clause until Now I like the idea of (name of person) on the (feeling of resistance) when I feel ____________ ______ / (action of), I now realize that it is a ______ my interest, so this version. as / p of> love (whose name), although

A.3 The concept of parts, which until now I’m feeling (feeling of resistance when )____________ _______ / (action of) I / fear / understanding , resulting in ______ now, so act. less / p of>

A.4 although so far I like the idea of (name of person) on the (emotional resistance )___________ When I feel ______ __ / (his / her actions), I now know I can love you ______ yet, so I create an outline. under the / p of> the A.5 The

Nevertheless, so far I like the idea of (name of person) for ______ ()____________ feel emotional resistance / ()______ or behavior, so now I know that this also means that others love to do, he / she is wrong when. under the / p of>

A.6 Even if, and so far I like ideas (name of person) for ()____________ feeling of resistance when I feel ______ / (action of), will now have to go again and again because ______ my life, with or without these senses. under the / p to create a>

B me this (feeling )______.

it is free (which I realized that my interests, acceptable to allow himself, of course, necessary) and select.

C. Rimaindafurezu = (emotional resilience) love (a person) to _______even when / (work) as well. Ⅳ. We and others have experienced the event first and the same person we had in the past emotions. under the / p of> the

A.1 it. but I do / But I felt (feel) to ____________ (name )_____ person was, love yourself deeply. in a / p of>

of A.2. Nevertheless, I have yet ____________ it (the name of the person )_____ (emotional) feeling, now I will live with it. under the / p to> prefer

B is released from it (emotion )______.

is free (which I realize that my interest, acceptance, for allowing himself, of course, necessary) and select.

C . Rimaindafurezu = ____( name of another person, he did this) in / p driver> (emotional )______

V, the physical problems associated with the conflicting emotions. under the / p of>

A.1 of . I (body part) I love deeply, deeply ___________, ____________ _____ me in this (natural phenomenon), even. down / p->

of A.2. Nevertheless, until now I have (Part of the College )___________, ()____________ had a natural phenomenon now. under the / p of> Since there is full free!

B me this (physical phenomenon) from the body )_____.

Free me (to some ______ (which is a benefit for me realize, accept and allow myself, of course, necessary) and select.

C. Rimaindafurezu = (i )_______ _____( physics department of the body ) to

Ⅵ. As a child, in accordance with vulnerable / p us> similar experiences with this event to make

A.1. I () is the name )_____ child for ________( what emotions he felt while ()____________ love ourselves deeply. under the / p of>

of A.2. Nevertheless, I am always (the person’s name )_____ )____________( feelings are about what ________( child) to feel I am now, he / she has his / her experiences of childhood (programming), was the victim of offers. less / p of>

B is (I sense of )______.

it is free (which I realize that my interest, acceptance, for allowing himself, of course, necessary) and select.

Rimaindafurezu Minsyutou = (sense) ( the name of another person if he did so) than in / p in> the open

The work, try reading the next chapter, love: self-esteem with EFT EFT EFT original error failure of communication between EFT and Inner Child Therapy and less than / p of> “http:/ / www.articlesbase.com/coaching-articles/eft-opening-to-love-33592.html” It is no longer

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