Eft & Law of Attraction

What is EFT? EFT is a relatively new discovery, that can provide almost everyone on the world relief from disease, emotional distress and disease. This may sound like an empty claim, but it is not!

Simply stated, EFT allows you to stimulate established energy points within your body by simply tapping on them using your finger tips. This is called, EFT tapping. This process is easy to take in and you can use EFT techniques anywhere you happen to be and at any time you want to.

EFT takes some time to gain knowledge the techniques, but this approach is worth take ining for your own benefit and those you love.

Sometimes, accepted healing methods have a way of overlooking the obvious. These common sense approaches of EFT energy healing methods tap into the exhaustive data of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the comprehensive force that states "we attract to us what we think about." This is a Law that recently has been well covered in the recent bestselling book called "The Secret". Another way of stating this " Your thoughts become your reality."

The Law of Attraction is a part of nature that manifests our living reality. It could be said that what we think about becomes us. This idealism Law of nature has been a existential truth discovered thousands of years ago. There are many ancient texts from many different civilizations that discuss the Law of Attraction in great detail.

It has only been recently through the study of Quantum Physics that the realm of science has discovered the Law of Attraction to be a very real force of nature. In fact, it is because of this Law the physical life we all live is made possible.

An imperative point to consider is that even if you do not know how the Law of Attraction works, at least illustrate that it is working in you. You may not know how your lungs function to breath, but this does not stop you from breathing.

Another point to consider is that EFT techniques will always retain the Law of Attraction. You cannot have one working without the other. When using EFT, there is no switch that you need to turn on to face the Law of Attraction, it simply is already at work.

It does help you to illustrate what forces within you are at work while using EFT. This helps you to focus more with determination on the EFT exercise.

The emotional freedom technique of using EFT is a quick system of tapping on your body’s select merdian points, using thoughts, intentions and emotions. The tapping triggers the emotional release within your emotional center tied to the physical body. This emotional freedom technique of using EFT allows your body and mind to release the blocks that hold you to events causing your pain from the past.

EFT is often referred to as psychological acupuncture. EFT has been used by people to eliminate all types of physical maladies, as well as emotional and mental conditions, with great success and relief. Based on new discoveries, EFT has been clinically noted to be effective in thousands of documented cases.

The action of EFT will provide dramatic relief for panic, anxiety, trauma, abuse, fears, addictions and cravings, and several physical symptoms that have not been remedied before.

I have been Studing the Law of Attraction for 3 years.

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