EFT For Public Speaking – Get Rid of Your Fear Today!

Do you have nightmares about addressing a crowd and getting humiliated? Does your mouth go dry and your hands shake and turn cold when you walk up the podium and see the audience? Do you freeze as your turn to speak in public finally comes? Then you’re suffering from what 65% of the population are also suffering from: fear of public speaking. Many people have tried to get rid of their fear of speaking in public but to no avail. The situation may seem hopeless to you but the truth is, overcoming your fear is not a fruitless task, especially with the advent of Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. If you’re desperate to win the battle, EFT for public speaking might just be what you have been waiting for.

EFT has proven itself worthy in treating persons who have reservations or issues about public speaking. Created by Gary Craig during the 1990s, EFT is a method that continues to treat a variety of fears – even phobias – that affect the way a person lives his or her life. In essence, EFT is a kind of therapy that aims to address the mind through the body. If you want to get rid of your fear of public speaking, you could turn to an EFT practitioner, who will direct you to tap on several strategic areas of your body. Simultaneously, the EFT practitioner will help you target and focus on a specific situation that produces fear, in this case public speaking, until you experience low levels of anxiety when you imagine yourself speaking in public. EFT for public speaking has helped many people who have had the same fear you have now. As the procedure continues, the fearful situation will no longer generate any level of anxiety, allowing you to become part of the real world without the fear of public speaking anymore.

Studies of EFT for public speaking have shown the procedures involved to be effective and, in some cases, long- lasting. Anecdotal pieces of evidence gathered by other therapists and coaches who have used EFT in treating other fears suggest and recommend EFT to get rid not only of the fear of speaking in public, but also of the fear of performing in public and handling public attention and scrutiny. There are several websites that provide a list of EFT practitioners in different states. You can use search engines to help you locate an EFT practitioner in your area so you can start dealing with your fear right away.

Of course, EFT practitioners do not claim EFT for public speaking to work for everyone, no matter how effective it has proven out to be for many. There are two other methods you can try out, namely the Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP and The Lefkoe Method or TLM. Created by scientists Paul Grinder and Richard Bandler, NLP uses visual, aural, and kinesthetic procedures to alter reactions or feelings toward public speaking. On the other hand, TLM by Morty Lefkoe postulates that human behavior is governed by what an individual believes to be true, and works on this philosophy to find and stamp out negative beliefs about public speaking.

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