EFT For Public Speaking – Become an Adept and Confident Speaker Today

In the middle of the 1990s, a personal development coach used as reference another coach’s techniques to come up with his own. Roger Callahan’s techniques in Thought Field Therapy, or TFT, were studied thoroughly by his trainee Gary Craig, who later simplified said techniques in order to give birth to the now highly popular Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT.

TFT and EFT are alternative medicine tools or methods that aim to pacify negative disturbances that disrupt the body’s energies and cause disharmony in the mind, body, and spirit. The most substantial difference in the two doctors’ techniques is the emphasis on the sequence of tapping points in the former and the lack of special proprietary procedures in the latter. There are several articles on the two methods that explain them in great detail. This article, meanwhile, shows how EFT is used to help deal with the pressures of public speaking.

EFT for public speaking is now gaining more attention and patronage. EFT has proven successful in other aspects of human life, particularly in issues related to health, that loyal users of the method have gamely expressed their satisfaction and shown their continued support. Now, EFT adds another feature to its growing resume as a helpful means of overcoming public speaking fears.

There are some people that are born shy and cannot properly relay messages to a listening public, and then there are people that are simply horrified at the thought of having to speak in front of an audience that they even freeze or faint on the spot. Both groups of people can benefit a lot from EFT for public speaking – if they’d be willing to give it a try. The best way to convince people to use EFT to solve their public speaking problems is by showing them the importance of public speaking itself.

Public speaking is a must especially in the world of politics, show business, marketing, advertising, teaching, preaching, even parenting. Without public speaking, votes won’t be made, laws won’t be passed, nominations and recommendations won’t be earned, and ideas and values won’t be inculcated. Moreover, public speaking contributes to the maximum potential of a person’s communication skills. Communication, of course, is vital in the management of every personal relationship.

Proponents of EFT believe in its capacity to relieve a number of physical and psychological conditions that hinder a person’s development, including depression, phobias, addictions, anxiety, and general or everyday stress. Basic EFT for public speaking allows a person to hold securely in mind an emotion or a memory and, at the same time, use the fingers to perform a series of tapping in specific points in the body in order to release disturbing vibes that may be the trigger of his or her negative reaction or response towards speaking in front of an audience. Triggers may vary from a past embarrassing experience involving public speaking, a movie that contains humiliating public speaking scenes, and the like. With every session, the tapping increases, as well as the number of points tapped. EFT normally has three stages – the basic, mid-level, and advanced.

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