Combining EFT With Other Healing Processes

One of EFT’s most useful aspects is its flexibility in working with other energy treatments.

Many clinicians’ efforts are to focus their attention on the problem while balancing or remove an obstruction to the body’s energy system. This influences them to combine EFT with other procedures. Other kinds of healing bring better and speedier results when combined with EFT.

Hypnotherapists use EFT while their patients are in trance and ask them to tap on the specific acupoints to intensify the core emotion that causes the problem. This allows the patients to eliminate and neutralize this emotion faster and use their own intuition for healing. By attaining emotional freedom, they return to a natural state of balance and strength. The combination of EFT and hypnosis likewise helps patients boost their confidence and good traits.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) works even better when EFT is infused. With the movements of the eyes, the emotional charge associated with a traumatic experience is easily accessed. However, many patients with risk of destabilization or ******* are not ready for EMDR right away. For better supervision and support, they must make some progress in areas such as tolerating their emotions first. This is where the tapping sessions of EFT come in.

Acupuncture and EFT go by the same principles. They both tackle the meridian acupoints and the flow of energy through the body. However, they differ in the manner of application. While acupuncture uses needles, EFT involves tapping of the fingers. It takes many years for acupuncturists to master their field, and they must be properly licensed. For this, acupuncture cannot be self-administered like the EFT. This is likewise the reason why acupuncturists teach EFT to their patients for home use.

Massage therapists merge it into their job. Working hands-on with the human body in pain, they can feel whether there is an openness or resistance to unwinding the muscular tension. When resistance is felt, they stop massaging and shift to EFT tapping. Once they resume the massage work, the muscles are more loose as compared how it was prior to the tapping.

Making a fear disappear with Reiki, the practitioner positions his hand over the patient in the Distance symbol. This sends Reiki back to the time when the fear first occurred and became a problem. The patient then regresses and changes the past based on how he wanted it to be then and on how he perceives the situation will occur if it happened now. When the patient’s memories get intense and vivid, he diverts to EFT tapping. Then he leads the patient to a pretense, which will let the patient find his real identity resurfacing.

Medical doctors and healing practitioners of all sorts incorporate EFT with the psychotherapeutic alternative cure that they carry out. Emotional Freedom Technique is so versatile that it can complement other procedures grounded by the similar theories and methodology. They are compatible with each other because they share the common goal of freeing the energy system from negative emotions that block the balance of the human body.

Emotional freedom technique eft is a modern, powerful, easy and secure energy-based solution for unlimited amounts of energy to be unlocked,and to know more on eft tapping do visit and meet your eft practitioner. You then will be able to manage you soon.

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