Can Hypnotherapy Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Many people would love to give up smoking, what they don’t realise is that it could be easier than they first realised. More and more people are now turning to hypnotherapy as a form of treatment to help them kick the habit. With many therapists now offering one-off sessions to help you quit complete with free follow-up sessions, hypnotherapy is rapidly becoming the first stop people are making in their quest to stop smoking. A usual hypnosis consultation will generally involve gathering information to unearth your personal reasons for wishing to quit smoking.

If your mind is set that you feel you are missing out on something or that you feel like you are being deprived of something, then the truth of the matter is you will possibly end up going back to the cigarettes, right back where you started. This is where hypnotherapy comes into its own. Hypnosis can help you deal with aspects that are fundamental to helping you give up, be it psychological or even emotional.

But does it really work?

Tom Reed MSN news Editor stopped smoking after 1 hour session with Quitmasters in London. Arriving not holding hypnotherapy in very high regards after stumbling across one before on holiday in Tenerife who tried to convince me I was riding a horse when I knew full well that I was sitting in a chair on stage in front of 100 other tourists. Needless to say I was not impressed and consequently I have never held hypnotists in very high regards.

When the opportunity arouse to visit Quitmasters Diana Pedersson, who claimed 95% success rate in stopping people smoking, I was extremely dubious but having smoked half my life and reach a point where I was desperately waiting to quit I thought this hypnotherapy lark might be worth a whirl after all.

Having packed a day’s worth of cigarettes into one morning I arrived at their headquarters. After some questions about my smoking habits and having assured her I was committed to quitting I was asked to go into the adjoining room and lie down on the treatment table. The hypnotherapy session began and despite initial sceptical I remind myself that this was a great opportunity to give up.

The deep breathing exercise made me feel relaxed everything that was said seemed to make a lot of sense I was told I wanted to stop a smoking and that when I woke up not only would I be a non-smoker but a happy non-smoker and that it would be easy.

When I opened my eyes at the end of the session I felt excited by my new found confidence’ For the rest of the day I did not have any cravings for cigarettes I made it into work the next day without my normal two cigarettes and without thinking about them. There where points during the day I thought something was missing but the whole idea of smoking was completely alien and unappealing.

When I tried to quit in the past the future has seemed daunting since the hypnotherapy I can’t even if I try envisage myself smoking again.

Diana Pedersson of QuitMasters UK is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and specialises in “Stop Smoking Hypnosis” and many other Hypnotherapy Services to help cure you of your fears and phobias.

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